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‘I have the same two issues’: Former Toyota worker shares the 2 issues with his 2025 Toyota Camry

‘Thought I was the only one.’


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A former Toyota worker recently warned viewers on TikTok about two issues with his 2025 Toyota Camry that may put a damper on Toyota’s sterling reputation.

The 2025 Toyota Camry was already facing some criticism on TikTok. One user posted about the sharp rise in price from the previous model. Another TikToker, Junior (@jrftw), garnered over 18,000 views as of this writing when he discussed two software glitches with his new Toyota Camry.

Sitting in his new car, Junior begins by praising Toyota for its most recent model. “I got a 2025 Toyota Camry, and I love the car,” he says. “It’s a hybrid, all-wheel drive. … And I know I’m one of the first people to get it.”

According to, the 2025 Toyota Camry is the ninth generation of the sedan. Though it is “now hybrid-only with no V-6 option available,” the vehicle is more of a “refresh” than a brand-new model. It still uses the same platform as the models from the last few years but comes with a sharper new look. Also, Toyota scrapped the three existing powertrain options for a four-cylinder hybrid system.

The main draw of the 2025 edition is the interior design options. reports that the 2025 Toyota Camry revamped the dashboard and center console, with a standard 7-inch digital gauge cluster for the LE and SE models and “a bigger 12.3-inch cluster for XLE and XSE trims.” For infotainment, the 2025 Camry has a standard 7-inch touch screen, but it can be upgraded to a 12.3-inch screen. The standard model also comes with Apple CarPlay, a wireless Android Auto, and a wireless phone charging port. Safety features include a “suite of active safety technologies and advanced driver assistance systems,” according to Toyota. These features include a pre-collision system, lane departure alert, and lane tracing assist.

What are the 2 problems?

It’s the new features that are causing Junior so much trouble. The first issue, according to him, is with the digital key, which keeps turning on and off.

“Every time you go to connect your phone, it won’t connect,” he says. “And you have to turn the car off, disconnect the digital key, and then reconnect it, or you just plug it in wired.”

The second issue is with the lane tracing.

“What it does is it sees the lane, the lines, and keeps you in the line whenever you’re driving,” Junior explains. “It’s like self-driving when you’re on the highway.”

However, he says that when the lines are next to “little rivets” or “little indents”—seemingly referring to road reflectors—the Camry mistakes them for the actual lines.

“If you’re going 50 miles an hour on the highway, it thinks that [the road reflectors are] the line … So it tries to shift you over that,” he says.

Though Junior lists his two issues with the 2025 Camry, he makes it clear to the viewer that he absolutely loves Toyota and has no intentions of getting rid of the car anytime soon.

“I just want these issues addressed because they’re both things that can be fixed with software,” he states.

Junior says that before leaving his job, he had an issue with his 2020 Camry, which he reported directly to Toyota. He says it got fixed with a software update that was later rolled out to everyone. However, since he no longer works at Toyota, he can no longer directly report his issues.

Junior claims that he attempted to reach Toyota through multiple channels, including an X post tagging the company, but he was unable to reach anyone. He says he’s sharing his video in hopes that Toyota rolls out a software update to fix the problem, as it did with his 2020 Camry, to prevent accidents and customer complaints.

“Love Toyota. Love the brand, love Lexus, everything about Toyota. No hate, no harm—just want the issues fixed,” he concludes.

@jrftw Two issues i’m having and found with my 2025 toyota camry! What do you want me to do toyota 😭@Toyota @Toyota Racing #toyota #toyotacamry #2025toyotacamry #2025camry ♬ original sound – JrFTW | Mental Health Advocate

Viewers are experiencing the same 2 problems

Multiple viewers pointed out similar issues with their newer model Camrys.

“Literally the same 2 issues I have!! Thought I was the only one omg but other than those 2 issues I lovee the car,” one said.

“My 2022 Camry has the same radio reboot issue and the dealership is trying to tell me I have to possibly pay for a diagnostic fee and pay out of pocket for the rental car while the cars in getting looked at,” a second added.

“I have the same two issues. I love the car so this would help!” a third agreed.

“My 2024 Camry does the lane thing! It’s so annoying!! I LOVE Toyota and have had 3 Camrys,” a fourth remarked.

This isn’t the first time someone posted a TikTok about issues with their Toyota Camry, like one driver who couldn’t turn his base-model Toyota off using the digital key.

The Daily Dot reached out to Junior via TikTok comment and Instagram direct message and to Toyota via email.

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