Tim Hortons customer orders 6 TimBits. She receives 60

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‘I paid $3’: Tim Hortons customer orders 6 Timbits. She receives 60

‘You got blessed.’


Maya Wray


Posted on Jul 5, 2023

A Tim Hortons customer went viral on TikTok after accidentally receiving a bulk order of the chain’s bite-sized donuts, known as Timbits.

User @highpriiestesstee, who lives in Detroit, Michigan, revealed the donut haul in a now-viral video. In it, she showed viewers her receipt—which showed that she ordered six Timbits. Instead, she said that the store gave her 60.

“i ordered 6 & got 60!!!” she wrote in the text overlay.

@highpriiestesstee LMAOOO like wtf is going onnn?! i paid $3 for 60 fckn timbits? #timhortons #timbits #food #wtf #imconfused #detroit ♬ original sound – High Priestess🧿

@highpriiestesstee’s receipt showed that she ordered two old-fashioned glazed Timbits, two honey-dipped Timbits, and two birthday cake Timbits. In total, the six donut holes cost $3.

But for the same price, she apparently received six different 10-packs of Timbits, which typically cost $2.99 each.

“LMAOOO like wtf is going onnn?!” @highpriiestesstee wrote in the accompanying caption. “i paid $3 for 60 fckn timbits?”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @highpriiestesstee via Instagram direct message and to Tim Hortons by email. As of Wednesday afternoon, @highpriiestesstee’s video had more than 22,900 views.

In the comments, some users tried to guess how Tim Horton’s messed up @highpriiestesstee’s order.

“They gave u 6 boxes instead of 6 individual,” one user surmised.

Others, however, said that they @highpriiestesstee was lucky to have received such a haul.

“Girl why are you questioning the Lords good work! Send me a pack though,” one user quipped.

“you got blessed,” another said.

“Y’all gotta stop questioning your blessings,” a third user wrote.

To be sure, this isn’t the first time that food from Tim Hortons has gone viral on social media. In another TikTok posted in January, a Tim Hortons employee filmed themselves making pizza from ingredients found around the store—a move that received mixed reactions from viewers. “Tim Hortons prison pizza,” one user called the dish.

“Y’all have enough time and patience to do this but i order a bagel and it’s just burnt with 50 lbs of cream cheese,” another pointed out.

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*First Published: Jul 5, 2023, 3:53 pm CDT