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‘Pickpocket indeed’: Server shares all the food she sneaks during her shift

‘Go into work hungry, leave stuffed.’


Kahron Spearman


A server is spotlighting just how much food she’s able to sneakily eat during her work shift.

A trending TikTok video by @passmavepe shows her eating various foods and desserts inside her work’s kitchen with bites including pizza, bread, cheese and chocolate.


pickpocket indeed

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The Daily Dot contacted TikTok user @passmavepe for further comment.

The 13-second video, featuring the infamous Italian “pickpocket” meme audio, shows the user at her Italian restaurant job. She eats pizza, fries, calamari, a pinch of cheese directly from the container, and a fresh roll. She even pulls out a spoonful of molten chocolate. The overlay reads: “usual shift in restaurant.” The playful caption calls out of the audio, “pickpocket indeed.”

One commenter suggests she went overboard : “Just got fired for this yesterday.”

Another person commented on the reality that there aren’t many breaks in the restaurant business.

One commenter wrote, “I work at an ice cream shop and it’s [the] same.”

Numerous other commenters admitted to being a “pickpocket” of food at their work establishment. “Go into work hungry, leave stuffed,” says one person.

Many companies have pilferage policies or set rules for what, when, and where restaurant employees can eat. Many have asked similar questions, but restaurant life varies greatly from restaurant to restaurant, even among employees.

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