Customer says Ticketmaster canceled her $400 Nicki Minaj tickets

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‘I remember people saying this happened to them at Renaissance’: Customer says Ticketmaster canceled her $400 Nicki Minaj tickets

'Ticketmaster been bugging with they prices too.'


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Posted on May 5, 2024   Updated on May 5, 2024, 6:36 am CDT

A Nicki Minaj fan was left furious after Ticketmaster purportedly canceled her $400 tickets to see the musician in New York—along with her tickets to see the star in D.C. She’s not alone.

In a “storytime” video posted after the Washington, D.C. concert, Nory Bunni (@norfolkmaraj) began by saying: “Ticketmaster, count your days.”

She then went on to explain how, the night of the D.C. concert, the usher scanned her tickets and told her they were invalid. Because Ticketmaster gave her a refund, Nory decided to buy tickets at the box office so she didn’t miss out—only to discover that the only ticket left at the box office were the very ones that were ‘invalid.’

To add further insult to injury, Nory explained that she also got VIP tickets for Nicki’s New York show for $400, but according to Ticketmaster, those got canceled too.

“I don’t care if you refunded me freakin $1,200,” she added. “I already bought that freaking ticket. I’m pretty sure there’s no more left if I go up there right now, it’s probably like $1,200. And I’m not paying another grand. That’s stupid.”

Commenters in turn added their own insights to the video, which amassed 302,400 views.

“Was it a resold ticket you got?” one asked. “Maybe the seller was on BS.”

“I’ve been going to concerts through Ticketmaster for years and have never experienced a single issue,” another added. “IDK what’s going wrong for people.” A third remarked: “Ticketmaster been bugging with they prices too.”

@norfolkmaraj Quick storytime on how Ticketmaster is a waste of time.@Ticketmaster @Ticketmaster USA ♬ original sound – Nory Bunni🤎

But the good news is, everything turned out okay in the end. In a follow-up video, Nory revealed that Ticketmaster got in touch with her, and told her that her tickets for the New York show were mistakenly flagged as a scam. But luckily, the situation ended up being rectified.

Why does Ticketmaster cancel tickets?

Ticketmaster says it cancels tickets for four core reasons:

  • The venue closed unexpectedly
  • Ticketmaster oversold the show
  • The event is no longer happening
  • You requested a refund in which case your order will show up as “canceled”

But fans have cited other sporadic, seemingly random cancelations too. As one Reddit poster mentioned: “So ticketmaster made an error and cancelled 2 of my tickets for no reason. They said I went over the limit, but I assure you, I 100% did not. I escalated it and they also said I was within the limits so they weren’t sure why it was cancelled. Then he goes on to spout some BS that Ticketmaster can cancel any tickets for any reason and that they can’t get my tickets back.”

This isn’t the first time this has happened to a Ticketmaster customer. In February, TikTok user Sarah E. Baus (@sarahebaus) shared how her tickets to see the band Sleep Token were purportedly cancelled. They were like, “So, you’re gonna get your refund,’” she recounted. “I was like, ‘I don’t want the refund. I want the tickets.’”

The creator then noted how, on their Instagram page, Sleep Token said that they are canceled the tickets bought by bots and scalpers in order to redistribute to “real fans”, but by the looks of things, those very same fans are being caught in the crossfire.

We’ve reached out to Ticketmaster and Nory.

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*First Published: May 5, 2024, 10:00 am CDT