hiker walking with caption 'thought I was hot blank for thrifting a $9 pair of nice hiking boots but got humbled on the first wear' (l) hiker holding up broken boot (c) hiker showing hiking boots falling apart (r)

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‘If they sit too long without being worn they rot’: Man finds ‘nice’ hiking boots at thrift store, they fall apart first time he wears them

‘Literally me with ALL my thrifted shoe finds.’


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You can find all kinds of items at the thrift store which was why one man thought he got a great deal when he thrifted hiking boots for just $9, only to watch them fall apart on the first wear.

In a viral video that has raked up 380,600 views as of this writing, TikToker Hamza (@ayoungmess) showed his viewers how his thrifted boots didn’t even survive their first hike.

@ayoungmess sometimes, life hands you a fat L that you just cant be mad at #hiking#thrifted ♬ original sound – Hunny Bee 😈

“Thought I was hot shit for thrifting a $9 pair of nice hiking boots but got humbled on the first wear,” the video’s caption read.

The clip shows Hamza starting his hike as the thrifted boots begin to tear and rip. Eventually, the entire sole comes undone and he pulls it off, throwing it away while laughing.

Users took to the comments section to throw some light on why the shoes that appeared to be new never survived their first wear.

“Unfortunately with shoes if they sit too long without being worn they rot…so even if they look brand new they may fall apart,” one person helpfully explained.

“Learned this the hard way,” the hiker responded about his thrifted boots.

And it appears that Hamza isn’t the only person whose second-hand footwear has fallen apart while being worn.

“Literally me with ALL my thrifted shoe finds,” a user lamented.

“The same thing happened to me at work,” another confessed. “It was very humbling. I had to drive home barefoot.”

“I once had to leave a wedding in the middle to go get flip-flops from the hotel because my secondhand heels rotted off my feet,” wrote an unlucky third.

One person seemed to think negatively about the thrifted hiking boots and warned against cheap purchases in general. “Buy it nice or pay for it twice,” the comment read, which the creator liked and jokingly responded to, saying, “lol at least I only spent less than I would on an oat latte in LA.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Hamza via email.

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