Things you're doing that may be 'killing' your car

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‘If you’re doing this every day, you’re cooked’: Expert shares things you may be doing that are ruining your car

'I got a Honda it’s fine.'


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Posted on May 11, 2024   Updated on May 11, 2024, 12:30 pm CDT

We all probably have that one friend who treats their car like it’s a sworn enemy—they treat oil changes and transmission fluid flushes like they’re suggestions. Tire rotations? Monitoring pressure? Air and cabin filter swaps? You might as well be speaking Aramaic.

And while some makes and models seem like they were made to condemn buyers to a lifetime of service charges, others won’t leave you in the lurch. The only thing you need to do is make sure you’re providing some basic TLC and these models will be tried-and-true for miles and miles to come.

Car enthusiast and TikToker Avvronn (@avvronn) shared some basic tips of his own to help car owners maintain their vehicle’s health for as long as possible.

Tips for car longevity

“Here’s some things you could be doing that is completely killing your vehicle,” he says. “Now most of the things on this list if you just did it a couple of times you’re good, but if you do it every day, you’re cooked.”

First up is cold starts—according to the TikToker, starting your car and immediately going off to the races will cause long-term damage to your vehicle. His recommendation? Stay idle and let the engine run for 10 to 30 seconds before throwing it into drive or reverse and getting in motion.

He also adds that even after this warm-up phase, driving the car like you’re prepping for your Formula 1 debut is also a bad idea. Avvronn recommends driving slowly before working your way up to speedier driving.

“And then once you take off, drive lightly for like the next couple of minutes so you don’t damage anything,” he says. “It doesn’t take longer than like 10 to 30 seconds you’re sitting there longer than that you wasting gas and wasting your time.”

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AAA’s recommendations on starting cars or warming them up also seem in line with Avvronn’s recommendations. It states that starting a vehicle the second you get inside, and by the time you put on your seatbelt and adjust your radio, all of the inner workings under the hood should be ready to go.

The roadside service company said revving an engine in place is a bad idea to try and get your car warmed up. So if you’re trying to act like Dominic Toretto, maybe try not to do that in a crossover SUV your parents co-signed for you.

His other suggestion? Not letting your gas tank reach “E.”

“If you consistently run your car on damn near empty, you’re most likely gonna damage your fuel pump or your engine,” he advises. “Yes, I’m talking to you who just put $5 in your tank right now. I know prices is crazy but come on.”

Strutmasters corroborates the TikToker’s recommendation, writing that constantly allowing one’s gas pump to approach empty or run out of fuel can lead to damage to one of the car’s most crucial components—the fuel pump. And replacing one is not a cheap fix. The outlet writes that “in order for [a fuel pump] to function properly, it needs to be completely submerged in gasoline.”

The last recommendation is for potholes—make sure you’re not hitting these miniature street craters because they could cause major damage to your whip.

“Now I feel like this one’s kind of obvious but I still see it way too much—avoid the potholes,” the TikToker says. “You have to straddle them. These can destroy your car from the tire to the wheel, to even maybe the suspension if it’s big enough.”

Again, while it may seem like common sense, he’s not wrong about the severity of repairs needed after running your car into a pothole. According to CAA Quebec, “The most common types of damage are loss of a hubcap, a damaged tire, a bent or broken wheel, wheels knocked out of alignment, damaged suspension components, bent steering parts, and damaged shock absorbers.”

Car owners’ responses

Some commenters saw his video and seemed to feel attacked by his suggestions.

One TikTok user penned, “I run on E, hit potholes, and redline my car on cold start. Am I cooked?”

Another replied, “Bro caught me on the gas one.”

Someone else said that depending on the type of car one has, some of these warnings are more dire than others, writing, “Potholes especially on a lowered car like mine is my worst fears.”

However, another person said as long as you maintain your vehicle and treat it the right way, you’ll be ‘ok.

“He’s no mechanic I am I can say he’s right but these only happen over time so take car of your car and it will take car of you,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Avvronn via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: May 11, 2024, 2:00 pm CDT