Customer issues warning about major differences to kids meal

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‘Texas Roadhouse has changed’: Customer issues warning about major new tweak to kids meal

‘It never cost extra…’


Chad Swiatecki


Maybe the folks at the Texas Roadhouse chain of eateries are getting wise to the kid’s meal connoisseur.

We’ve already marveled at Orlando-area viral sensation Ashley Garrett (@thedisneygirlie), who smartly stretches her bucks by ordering to-go servings of kids meals off of the menus of major chain restaurants. The logic being that in most cases a kids meal is plenty to constitute a smaller adult meal, with a small upcharge usually available to increase the portions.

Texas Roadhouse was one of Ashley’s first reveals for preferred kids meals for frugal adults, and in a recent clip she talks about how the chain’s pricing for an all-time favorite item—creamy mac and cheese—has taken a bite out of her dollar-saving ways.

From inside her vehicle—she always orders curbside to-go, and clearly states she never orders kids meals for sitdown visits—Ashley shows the sliders meal, which Texas Roadhouse lists as its mini-cheeseburgers on its Kids & Ranger Meals menu.

For $7.49 the sliders come with a small beverage and a side. On this visit Ashley chose a side of chili with shredded cheese and optional onions, with the note that the portion can be extra sized for 99 cents. But there’s been a change.

Texas Roadhouse tweaks a house favorite

The bad news comes with the possible choice of good ol’ mac and cheese as a yummy side for the sliders.

“Speaking of sides, that’s one of the changes I wanted to talk about because at my location, I’ve seen the mac and cheese change over the years, but it never cost extra. That was always an included side choice. Now they’re trying to charge an extra 99 cents,” she said.

“If you want mac and cheese as your side, it’s now considered a premium side. Each kid’s meal will also come with two rolls, but I like extra, so I pay for six, and then they give me eight. I still feel like it’s a great value. I’m just disappointed that mac and cheese costs extra.”

A visit to the company website to set up a to-go order confirmed the extra cost. Of the 16 side options listed, there was an upcharge for four others—baked potato, Caesar salad, house salad, and the sweet potato—but those all cost an extra 79 cents instead of 99 cents for the mac and cheese.

Also: The menu offered macaroni and cheese as a meal all by itself, which makes us wonder what would happen if someone ordered a fall mac and cheese meal with a side of mac and cheese? This may require an extensive multi-part investigation by your intrepid Daily Dot journalist.

The comments on Ashley’s post were appreciative of the intel on making the most of kids menus at different chains, with Culvers mentioned several times as a favorite.

“The Culver’s butterburger kids meal is the best deal there, especially with a scoop of custard,” one wrote, to which another fan replied, “agreed! I add lettuce, tomato, onion, etc (free), & then u get a small fry & pop with 1 scoop ice cream- I add raspberry topping (also free). it’s like $7.99 I think? perfect sized meal, great deal.”

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A former Texas Roadhouse staffer spilled some tea about the company’s pricing strategy, noting, “it has always been a up charge because it’s the only thing not made in house it’s Kraft blue box single packets. This hasn’t changed.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Ashely via Instagram DM, and to Texas Roadhouse via email, for comment.

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