Customer says she got food poisoning from Texas Roadhouse

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‘I work there. It’s the fried pickles’: Customer says she got food poisoning from Texas Roadhouse

‘Every time I eat fried pickles I get food poisoning.’


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A woman claiming she fell ill after eating at Texas Roadhouse became the Sherlock Holmes of food poisoning after showing everything she ate during her friend’s birthday celebration at the restaurant.

TikTok user Shelby (@pastagirly) reviewed all the items she ate, leading a number of viewers to speculate the food that ultimately did her stomach in was a popular appetizer.

@pastagirly Was it worth how sick i felt today??? Not quite sure. But spending time with my bestie was ❤️❤️ #Splice #Hungry #HungryGirl #Hangry #TexasRoadhouse #Rolls #TexasRoadhouseRolls #friedpickles #rollsandbutter #choose4 #ricepilaf #greenbeans #dinner #birthday #birthdaydinner #drpepper #caesarsalad ♬ original sound – Shelby

In the clip, Shelby shows all the food brought out to the table. “All the shit we ate at Texas Roadhouse for my bestie’s 20th birthday that made me absolutely sick and pretty sure gave me food poisoning,” she says.

The TikToker says they started out with some fried pickles, before moving on to rolls. She shows off the appetizer along with remnants of the chain’s trademark pre-meal bread and a container of cinnamon honey butter.

The clip transitions to her showing off more dishes, including her munching on a salad and the dish she believes was the root cause of her sickness: chili.

“This is a Caesar salad as you can tell, I got their chili, pretty sure this is the culprit that caused my illness,” she says in the video. “But it’s fine it is what it is and it tasted really good but I will not be eating the leftovers that are in my fridge.”

The TikToker continued with her meal review, which included rice and green beans as sides for a meal she chose.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Texas Roadhouse via email and Shelby via Instagram direct message.

A majority of the viewers in the comments section were convinced the chain’s fried pickles were what caused her to be sick.

“Baby them fried pickles definitely did it. They do it to me every time,” one commenter said. Another wrote, “Every time I eat fried pickles I get food poisoning.” A third user, who claimed to be a former employee of Texas Roadhouse, said the appetizer was a notorious culprit when it came to hurting people’s stomachs.

“I used to work at roadhouse,” they wrote. “It’s the fried pickles. It does it to everyone lstg.”

Some users remarked that it’s not the pickles per se, but the way fried menu items are as they’ve had other fried options at the chain that also made them feel unwell.

One user shared, “I think it’s the batter that the fried stuff is made in because the blooming onion does this to me too.”

The website also features several posts from different commenters who said that they, too, fell ill while dining at Texas Roadhouse. The common thread between many of these posts? Fried pickles.

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