Tesla Cybertruck driver tries taking it off-road

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‘Sounds like it’s made of plastic’: Tesla Cybertruck driver tries taking it off-road. It backfires

‘Its like wearing dress shoes to a rodeo.’


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A recent viral video showed how a Cybertruck performs off-road, and let’s just say that drivers should probably keep their new Tesla on designated paths.

TikToker Ron (@supercar_ron), who indicates in his bio that he specializes in “driving cars hard” in Utah, posted a minute-long compilation of a Cybertruck off-road fail. The video, captioned, “They dont build em like they used to,” has been viewed over 2.2 million times as of publication.

In the video, viewers watch as the Cybertruck struggles along a rocky road and up the side of a mountain. For a bit, the truck seems to perform well, but when the driver tries to park it afterward, viewers can hear something break from the strain of off-roading. “Yeah, that just snapped,” a man in the video says in response to the sound.

Many viewers were unimpressed with the Cybertruck’s performance

“This is such a vanity truck,” one said.

“That’s not an offroader, that’s a city car!” another wrote.

“I just think it’s to heavy and expensive to be a practical off road,” a third opined.

“That thing looks awful for off-roading at least bodywise,” a fourth added.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has been blasted on the internet for not performing up to expectations. For example, one TikToker went viral when he claimed his cybertruck broke down four times after purchase. Another claimed that his touch screen broke after the Cybertruck went through a car wash. A third Tesla owner claimed that the self-driving feature almost ran him into a police car.

Still, others defended the Cybertruck, claiming that the test drive skipped on a few necessities.

“Didnt even have it all the way lifted,” a viewer claimed.

“Decent off road tyres might be an idea,” a second offered.

“It’s obviously not for off road or anything fun but going fast once a while on the street. There’s no charge stations there I’m assuming they towed it to location,” a commenter said.

“3.1 tons of steel…what did you expect,” another remarked.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ron via TikTok comments and Tesla via email for more information.

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