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‘THEY DO NOT CARE’: Tesla superfan begs Elon Musk for new vehicle after Cybertruck breaks down for fourth time

He now wants a replacement under North Carolina's lemon law.


Marlon Ettinger


Posted on May 14, 2024

As excited as many Tesla supporters were to grab the company’s new futuristic looking Cybertruck, some of the brand’s biggest superfans are losing their patience with the barrage of problems facing the vehicle.

Whether the issues are dealing with window-cleaning fluid leaking into the engine, a crucial touchscreen blinking out after a car wash and not turning back on for over 5 hours, or an automatic trunk with a murderous disposition towards the human finger, many unlucky Cybertruck owners have taken to social media to catalog their woes with the vehicle, which starts at $81,895.

One fan from North Carolina has finally had enough, despite detailing positively their troubles with the new vehicle breaking down constantly.

“PURE AWE!” tech reviewer Lamar MK titled the video he made about picking up the truck a month ago. “Word Can’t Describe This Feeling!”

But now, Lamar’s tune has changed. 

“If you guys are considering buying a Tesla right now, or know somebody that is gonna buy a Tesla right now, I would seriously reconsider your options,” he explained in a video posted to his X account on Monday.


In the video, Lamar explains the saga of his truck, which he’s documented over a series of videos since the beginning of April. In one of the first videos, error codes, voltage issues, and steering malfunctions lead to a “complete breakdown of the vehicle.” Lamar shows error lights beeping in the truck and a sticky steering wheel, which forces him to pull over before getting the truck picked up by Tesla service department.

That delay came within just 14 days of picking up the truck. According to Lamar, he’d already taken delivery of the vehicle two weeks late due to alleged issues discovered by Tesla at its factory.

Two more videos show a three-week stint for the truck in a Tesla service station, before breaking down again after ostensibly being fixed up.

Despite the frustration and setbacks, Lamar credited the Tesla service team with working day and night to get the vehicle back on the road in a recent video.

“There’s no bad blood there anywhere, I’m still supporting the brand, just patiently waiting to get my Cybertruck back,” he said last Tuesday, adding that he isn’t listening to the hate and noise online about his experience.

Lamar also stated that Tesla was communicating with him in a timely manner, and that the only people who could ruin his relationship with Tesla are Tesla themselves.

In his most recent video, however, Lamar says that he’s finally fed up with how Tesla has been treating him, and that despite his videos about the situation going viral on X, nobody higher up in the company is helping make things right. He also says that now, after the car breaking down four times and having the vehicle in the shop longer than he’s had it on the road, he wants a replacement under North Carolina’s Lemon Law.

According to that law, the manufacturer has to make a “reasonable number of attempts to fix the vehicle,” which the state defines as the car being repaired four or more times for the same problem, or being out of service for 20 or more business days in a 12-month period. If they can’t fix the car, you can receive a comparable new replacement car or a refund.

According to Lamar, though, the company is only offering him a buyback, saying that if he wants a new truck, he’ll have to register on a wait list.

“So you’re telling me, after waiting years to get a truck, you’re going to push me at the back of the line without a truck, and to get a new reservation for the truck again?” Lamar said in his latest video.

“It’s total bull crap man, it’s bull crap and I have no respect for them any more man, because I have been nothing but patient and respectful,” he said.

Lamar also claimed that Tesla’s lead engineer DMed him and told him he should watch what he posts online, because the negativity could harm the company’s bottom line.

“That’s not my problem, bro,” Lamar said. “I’m an honest guy, I have to share my own ownership experience of owning this truck, and it’s been nothing but a crappy experience.”

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*First Published: May 14, 2024, 12:15 pm CDT