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‘I all of a sudden care about the Marvel universe’: Fans think Taylor Swift is Dazzler in MCU’s ‘Deadpool 3’

'I definitely think it’s happening.'


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Posted on Oct 30, 2023   Updated on Oct 30, 2023, 3:55 pm CDT

After being photographed with Sean Levy, a director from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans think Taylor Swift will star as Dazzler in Marvel’s Deadpool 3

TikTok creator and Swiftie, Ginnie (@thethriftyswiftie), posted a viral video explaining why fans have this theory. Her video has reached over 610,000 views and 96,000 likes by Monday afternoon. 

In her video, Ginnie first talks over a green-screen photo of Swift and Levy that was taken by paparazzi on Friday, the release day of Swift’s newest re-recorded album, 1989 Taylor’s Version

She explains for those who don’t know that Levy is a director from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that he is directing Deadpool 3.

Ginnie then shows a screenshot of a cartoon drawing of the animated character named Dazzler.

Dazzler is a Marvel Universe singer/pop-star. She adds, “If you’re not convinced by the blonde hair, the mirrorball-bejeweled vibes,” referring to two of Swift’s hit songs, “here’s the other evidence we have so far.” 

Ginnie shows a screen-shotted picture from Swift’s “All Too Well 10 Minute Version” short film and explains that Levy not only helped Swift direct the film, but played Sadie Sink’s dad in the film. “Sean and Taylor are friends and colleagues,” she says.

Next, Ginnie shows a photo of Swift and Levy alongside Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively, from the Chiefs vs Jets game. 

She says, “Taylor’s good friend Ryan Reynolds of course, is Deadpool in Deadpool 1 and 2.” She adds that Swift has borrowed Reynolds’ Deadpool costume for Halloween.

“Hugh Jackman is also going to be in Deadpool 3 as Wolverine,” Ginnie adds.

She explains that seeing the photo of Swift and Levy out together on the release day of 1989 Taylor’s Version makes the photo of the group at the Chiefs game make sense. “I am on high alert,” she adds. 

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Then Ginnie says it’s worth adding that when Levy was asked about these rumors, “his comment was no comment.” 

“If you’ve watched Succession, you know that no comment, is a comment,” she adds.

Ginnie ends her video asking viewers to leave their thoughts in the comment section. 

“Isn’t Dazzler’s power also called Shimmer! It’s just perfect, I definitely think it’s happening,” one comment says, referring to a popular line in Swift’s hit song, Bejeweled.

One comment suggests that the pair could be working together for different reasons. “He could be directing a music video?” one says.

“And just like that, the Swifties take Marvel,” another says. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Ginnie via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Oct 30, 2023, 3:54 pm CDT