Woman slams shoplifters after outfit comes incomplete from Target

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‘Where are the pants?’: Woman slams shoplifters after outfit comes incomplete from Target

'Y'all stealing from Target is starting to piss me off.'


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Posted on Dec 25, 2023   Updated on Dec 24, 2023, 6:32 pm CST

The increase in inflation means shoplifting is is also on the rise. One in 11 Americans reportedly shoplifted at one point in their life.

But, as Nya Blaze struggled to find pajamas for her son, she appealed for people “respect Target” more.

Showing viewers a pair of pajama tops that didn’t match, the content creator complained, “Y’all stealing from Target is starting to piss me off because these pajamas would’ve been so cute. Where are the pants?”

As it turns out, Nya’s complaint is a common one, as several TikTokers shared similarly-frustrating experiences in the comments section.

“Ugh went yesterday and found so many tops with no pants and pants with no tops,” one user wrote. “Like, stop mix and matching your tops and pants just take one size! Damn it!”

“I did a pick up for my son and they just gave me shirts,” another shared. “I immediately went in to return them and had to get a bigger size that had pants.”


Respect Target

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A third chimed in, “I used to work at Target and it was always the pants missing.” Still, other commenters had a more optimistic approach, as a fourth admitted that while they “agree,” they added that it was a good opportunity to “ask for the shirts to be discounted.”

Nya didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via Instagram direct message.

Shoplifting is a hot topic on TikTok. Influencer Remi Bader shared how one Forever 21 customer used her presence as a “shield” for shoplifting, while Walmart shopper Becca remarked how everything was “locked up.” “This is pretty friggin’ sad that everything in Walmart is locked up,” she said in a TikTok. “I mean, really guys? Really? I have to wait for someone to come … and get me dishwashing liquid?” Stores like Walmart and Target are locking items up in some stores in an effort to prevent theft.

Meanwhile, creator Chey warned would-be thieves to stay away from Target and Walmart, as she described how these stores would routinely let suspected shoplifters get away with stealing for one specific reason. “These stores keep tabs on you and keep track of the amount that you are stealing, and once you hit a certain amount—Boom! Arrested on the spot and charged with grand theft,” she claimed.

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*First Published: Dec 25, 2023, 7:00 am CST