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‘Is this like normal?’: Shopper notices Target Good & Gather products being sold for less at Aldi

‘Best way to get better deals.’


Amara Thomas


When shopping at Aldi, TikToker Alejahntate (@alejahntate) noticed Target’s Good & Gather products being sold at the retailer for less. 

Aldi is a German grocery store chain known for its cheap prices, which is often credited to its products being private-label. “The majority of products are produced by the chain’s own producers,” according to Eating Well. “This brings costs for customers down because Aldi is controlling their own product prices, rather than having to align with commercial prices.” 

Seeing brand-name products at Aldi is often a rarity, explaining TikToker Alejahntate’s surprise when encountering Target’s Good & Gather products at Aldi. The Aldi price is $1.89, while those same cucumbers are 10 cents more at Target.

In the viral video, Alejahntate finds a case of Good & Gather mini cucumbers on sale, asking the question, “is this normal?” 

Viewers share their suspicions

The video has 6,138 views. Many viewers shared their suspicions as to why a Target product was being sold at Aldi. 

@alejahntate Is this like normal😭 #foryoupage #target #aldi ♬ Nasty – Tinashe

“Maybe got the wrong load! the store I worked at would get other stores’ brands on accident rarely and discounted them to get rid of them,” one viewer suggested. 

Another commented, “Where I live sometimes if another store has an overstock on produce or such our Aldi will take it in. Best way to get better deals.” Alejahntate responded, “I was wondering why it was so cheap. Those bags are usually like 5-6.” 

Purchasing overstock is another secret to Aldi’s cheap prices

According to Taste of Home, “The few name-brand products that Aldi does stock tend to be either discontinued or overstock products. This lets Aldi purchase products at a reduced price, and in turn sell them at a lower cost to the customer.” 

However, some viewers had other ideas. “It might be because of the cucumber recall happening?” Another added, “And why did I just see something about a cucumber recall or they’re bad, or SOMETHING I forget.” Alejahntate responded, “No, do I go in and return?”

Newsweek recently reported, “Whole cucumbers produced by Fresh Start Produce Sales were recalled on May 23 due to the presence of salmonella in the product.” As of June 2024, the FDA is investigating the risk of salmonella, a bacteria infection, in cucumbers, however, clarified that “mini cucumbers and English cucumbers are not included in this recall.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Alejahntate via TikTok and Aldi via email for comment.

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