Former Target worker shares why you should always go for the damaged box in the store

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‘You’re going to grab that damaged box’: Former Target worker shares why you should always go for the damaged box in the store

‘Are we forgetting that Target has price matching?’


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A former Target worker offered a number of money-saving tips that she claims make the big box store “cheaper than Walmart.”

TikTok creator Kaitlynd (@reddnea) shared the tips in a video posted on April 12 that has since gotten more than 569,400 views. In it, she promises “money-saving hacks at Target.”

Kaitlynd starts by promising, “I used to work at Target, and here’s how you’re gonna save money while you’re shopping.” She then moves on to her first tip: Picking up a damaged box rather than a pristine one.

“For one, you know whenever you’re going to pick up a box or something, and you’re like, ‘Oh, that box is damaged. I don’t want that one. I want the pretty one from the back.’ Don’t do that. You’re gonna grab that damaged box, walk your happy butt up to the register, and literally get 10 percent off because the item is ‘damaged,’ even if the item inside of the box is not damaged.”

Kaitlynd then offers tips about price matching, asking, “Are we forgetting that Target has price matching?” before saying, “Find the website, whatever the link that shows like what the other person’s price is, take it to the cashier; they’ll price match it for you. But you can also do it up to 14 days after your purchase. So if you buy something and then you’re like searching one day, and Best Buy has it for 25 percent cheaper, literally just take it back in-store or contact support, and they’ll refund you the difference between what you bought it for and what it was on sale for at a different store.”

The Target site backs up what the creator’s saying with its page on price matching, providing specific guidelines corresponding with Kaitlynd’s message.

The creator then moves on to talking about the Red Card, which can be applied for as either a credit card or a debit card, though that program has recently changed its name to the Target Circle Card as part of what USA Today called “a revamp to its membership programs.”

The article notes, “Target Circle 360, the newest paid membership program, will allow shoppers to get same-day delivery on orders over $35. In addition, the plan also offers free two-day delivery.”

In the Target news release the article referenced, Brian Cornell, chair and chief executive officer of Target, said, “For years, Target has consistently built for the long term, investing in the assets, capabilities and team that have differentiated our business, enabled us to deliver for guests in any environment and driven strong growth. Today, with that same long-term view, we’re making strategic investments that expand on our core strengths, further elevate our guest experience and deepen our connection to both current and new guests. Most importantly, these plans provide fuel for our next era of growth.”

@reddnea Replying to @ʝєииιfєя яσѕє target is my bestie #target #moneysaver #discounts #lifehacks ♬ original sound – kaitlynd!

Commenters to the video echoed Kaitlynd’s love for Target.

“I bought Olipops that had dents in it,” one shared, “and the cashier was like thanks for taking the damaged ones. I’m going to give you a discount on all of them.”

Kaitlynd responded, “NOBOODDDYY knows about the damage discount, i always get the beat up packaging now LOL.”

Another remarked, “I was shocked to realize that Target is frequently cheaper for me with circle and red card than Walmart,” echoing an assertion the creator made at the very end of the video.

Someone else wondered, “What if the person doesn’t want to price match?”

Kaitlynd replied, “They have to, it’s their policy! show them the policy or go to someone else!”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kaitlynd via TikTok and Instagram direct message and to Target via email.

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