Worker shares 'best' and 'worst' positions to work at Target

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‘I worked beauty once. Never again’: Worker shares ‘best’ and ‘worst’ positions to work at Target

‘I’m not that girl.’


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A Target employee based in Lincoln, Nebraska, has provided TikTok with her rundown of the best and worst positions to work in.

Posted on July 6 by TikToker and Target worker Kaitlin Sondae (@Kaitlinsondae), the video has received over 85,000 views as of this writing. Kaitlin has been covered by the Daily Dot in the past for her unique insight into the day-to-day life of working at Target.

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In her latest video, the Target worker lists beauty as her favorite position to work in. She cites the “free samples,” the flexibility to “choose your breaks,” the opportunity to work with makeup, and the lightweight freight, as some of her main reasons for naming the department as her top choice.

Next on her list is the style department, which she describes as “easy” and “relaxing.” Similar to beauty, she says workers in the style department can also choose their breaks. However, she warns viewers to stay away from the fitting room area “because that’s a lot.”

In the middle of the list of best positions to work in at Target is general merchandise. Katilin informs viewers that general merchandise encapsulates many sections such as baby, stationary, and furniture, and because of this, the job often requires lifting heavy merchandise. “I’m not that girl,” she says about the position. 

She also points out that while these employees are able to choose their breaks, they have to “work with a lot of people,” which she tries to avoid.

The Target worker then explains that the technology department is lower on her list of best and worst positions because she does not know much about the subject, it requires extra time to put items away because “everything is locked up,” and the department is usually quite busy because “everyone wants their Apple products.”

Katilin describes the market department as “iffy.” She says that while they can choose their own breaks, her main deterrent for working in this section is that she, “would not wanna work in the freezer section because it gets cold.” She also notes that she would probably get hungry all the time being around all the frozen foods.

She then describes Target’s fulfillment department, a position that the creator says “used to be my top, now it’s my bottom.” She says the job, which oversees online orders, is stressful because of its time-sensitive nature, and unlike floor positions, workers in this department often cannot choose their breaks. 

Kaitlin states that cashiering is one of her least favorite positions. “I would never choose that because you have to deal with people all the time and you have to do drive-up, that’s a lot as well,” she explains.

Also at the bottom of her list is inbound, which requires receiving and organizing incoming shipments. “I would never do that either because you have to carry a lot of heavy stuff and it’s really early morning shifts,” she says.

In the comments section, many viewers who appeared to work at Target chimed in with their own favorite and least favorite positions. 

“Never do cashier,” read one comment. “I did that for two years before transferring to my stores starbies.”

Kaitlin added, “Starbucks: is decent but it can be busy & you are stuck in one area tho!”

“GM is my favorite, cause I get to work at my own pace,” said another user.

“I love fulfillment,” claimed a third.

A number of viewers seemed to disagree with Kaitlin’s assessment of the beauty department being the best position at Target to work in.

“I worked beauty once,” said one person. “Never again. so many repacks.”

“My store is the worst for beauty lol I love it but we never get enough hours for the workload and now we have an ulta so we cover breaks and stuff,” wrote another.

“I worked in beauty and it was probably the worst job experience I’ve had in my life,” shared a third.

“They told me I’d be hired in beauty and then shoved me into style and put me in the fitting room for all of my whole shifts I hated it,” recalled someone else.

In an email interview with Kaitlin, she explained her objective in creating this video, saying, “I wanted to share my pros and cons of each position! I’ve worked almost every if not every position there so I wanted to give my thoughts and opinions!”

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