T-Mobile employee criticized for having a Louis Vuitton purse

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‘I’m convinced a T-Mobile employee took her man’: Viewers defend T-Mobile worker after she was criticized for having a Louis Vuitton purse

'People judge you on your job and have no clue about your life.'


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Posted on Mar 1, 2024   Updated on Mar 1, 2024, 12:08 pm CST

Should T-Mobile employees feel embarrassed about wearing designer labels while working an hourly wage job?

That’s the crux of the online philosophical debate after one TikToker, @destinixoda, criticized a T-Mobile employee in a video for having a Louis Vuitton bag while working an hourly job.

“So you come into your job at T-Mobile with a Louis Vuitton bag. What? That don’t make no sense. You’re $22 an hour at T-Mobile. You spent a week paycheck?” the TikToker says while grimacing into the camera.

TikToker Tiffani (@tiffanicvd), on the other hand, doesn’t think that it’s anyone else’s business what people decide to spend their money on, stating that Destini should probably stop “pocket watching” other folks. Tiffani posted her opinions, which included a snippet of the other TikToker’s clip, online.

“I know this has absolutely nothing to do with my content or what I normally post but this is something I have to address,” Tiffani says. “I’m sorry but this is the most elitist take I have ever seen. Elitist.”

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She went on to argue that there’s any number of circumstances that could’ve led to that T-Mobile employee rocking a Louis Vuitton bag: She could’ve saved up her money decided to treat herself to it, or she could’ve received it as a gift.

“So you’re personally saying you, that if someone works at T-Mobile and they make about $22 an hour they are not allowed to ever wear designer or buy designer items for the entirety of their life, right?” Tiffani says. “Do you hear yourself? You never know if they worked really hard and they wanted to treat themselves you don’t know if it was a gift from a relative or friend, you don’t know their life and why are you pocket watching and watching their money? If they want to buy the Louis Vuitton bag OK let them buy it.”

Tiffani continues, addressing Destini’s comments about “actual” rich people dressing down instead of flashing money, “Old money new money middle class…poor…whatever you worked for it, you buy it, treat yourself as long as you can pay your bills, your rent, your water, your gas, your lights, whatever, treat yourself.”

Another TikToker, @kingjeanty1989, also called out Destini in a viral TikTok video, echoing Tiffani’s sentiments that Destini had no business “pocket watching” that T-mobile employee.


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One commenter who said that they used to work for T-Mobile, commented on Tiffani’s video, “I worked for tmobile. them commission checks be hitting. girl have a seat.”

“Ppl pocket watch too much,” another wrote. “And how she know I didn’t steal it you don’t have to have a certain job to have certain things.”

And then there were others who believed that Destini’s ire towards the T-Mobile employee must be personal.

“Nah, she hating cuz she don’t have one…that’s all it is,” someone else said.

“I’m convinced a T-Mobile employee took her man,” another wrote.

“They must’ve cut her line off and sent her bill to collections bc why is she so mad?” another remarked.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Louis Vuitton, Tiffani, and T-Mobile via email and @kingjeanty1989 via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Mar 1, 2024, 7:00 pm CST