Viewers Defend - Customer catches Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant worker sleeping while on the clock


‘This is probably his 3rd job of the day’: Viewers defend Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant worker after he was caught sleeping on the clock

'Cut him some slack you never know how hard it is.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Apr 29, 2023

If you’ve never fallen asleep while on the job, then you’re in the minority of workers, according to CNBC. The outlet published findings by mattress company Amerisleep, which conducted a survey of 1,001 Americans asking if they’ve even counted sheep while putting in hours towards their paycheck.

Fifty-one percent of those questioned in the study admitted to dozing off while on the clock, which may be because more people in the U.S. are taking on second and third jobs, leaving them less time to rest than ever.

This could be why a number of TikTokers defended an employee who was filmed sleeping while on the clock at a Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant.

In a clip uploaded by a user Michael (@22navyblue) that looks like it was originally sent to him by his sister, a woman walks into an empty Caribbean Sunrise franchise in Toronto to place an order. However, there is no one to help her as the employee is fast asleep.

She attempts to wake him up several times and doesn’t sound too happy about the situation, but TikTokers who saw the clip sympathized with the worker.

@22navyblue older sister was not impressed 🤣 #sunrisecarribeanrestaurant #sunrise #toronto #jamaican #jamaicanfood #jamaicantiktok #carribeantiktok #janeandfinch ♬ original sound – michael

One viewer wrote that the man was probably sleeping due to being overworked, saying, “This is probably his 3rd job of the day. Life is rough in Brampton.”

Someone else shared similar speculation, commenting, “He’s probably going to school and working a couple job to pay for his schooling and rent.”

Another remarked that instead of demanding the man wake up, the woman should’ve checked on him to ensure that he was OK. “Did you check to see if he was ok instead of recording him,” they wrote. “We need to start being kind. Life is hard enough.”

Another TikToker said they would’ve used the incident as a golden opportunity to score some free food and cash.

“Intrusive thoughts would make me serve myself and give myself a tip,” they joked.

Other folks questioned why the TikToker’s sister was going into Sunrise to eat in the first place. “The real question is…why would you walk into sunrise?” a user wrote, while someone else quipped, “why u trynna eat sunrise in the first place.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sunrise via Instagram direct message and Michael via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Apr 29, 2023, 10:41 am CDT