sugared pecans in heat case display at Buc-ee's with caption 'I always buy sugared pecans at Buc-ee's, but now I'm SHOOK' (l) Buc-ee's building with sign (c) Buc-ee's employee putting tray of sugared pecans into cupboard with caption 'Her face when she saw me...' (r)

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‘We thought they were hot bc they were fresh. It’s just a heat lamp’: Viewers defend Buc-ee’s after customer says she caught worker not making sugared pecans fresh

‘I always buy sugared pecans at Buc-ee’s but now I’m shook.’


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It can always feel like a betrayal when you learn that some of your favorite products aren’t made the way you thought they were, like when Dunkin’ lovers discovered that the chain’s desserts arrive frozen at the location and aren’t freshly baked daily on the premises like some of its competitors.

And a Buc-ee’s shopper shared their shock upon finding out that the sugared nuts sold at the popular gas station supermarket franchise weren’t as freshly prepared as she once believed—at least at the store she visited.

User @aahaden shared her epiphany in a TikTok that garnered over 910,000 views, but there were several commenters who expressed that the Buc-ee’s they frequent have a different nut-roasting setup, while others didn’t seem too bothered by the fact they weren’t roasted on-site.

@aahaden Heart broke, but im still buying them 😻😹 #bucees #buceeseverything ♬ Cravin' – Stileto & Kendyle Paige

In the video, the TikToker records herself walking up to a huge display of the sweet and salty snacks resting beneath heat lamps on metal shelves. She grabs a package as a text overlay in the clip reads: “I always buy sugared pecans at Buc-ees, but now I’m SHOOK.”

Why was she “shook?” The answer lies in the second part of the video, which shows a Buc-ee’s employee placing a large plastic bin containing the packaged sugared pecan from a cabinet.

It would seem that @aahaden thought the sugared pecans she adores buying from Buc-ee’s so much were freshly made. However, judging from the discovery she made in her video, the nuts are more than likely purchased ready-made and placed under the heat lamp, giving customers the feeling of them being recently made for a fresh-out-of-the-oven experience.

She added in the comments section of the video in response to another user on the platform who said that they didn’t understand the point of her clip. “That bucket is full of not freshly sugared nuts,”

One commenter who saw her clip said that despite the TikToker’s video, that it doesn’t necessarily mean the nuts are freshly roasted on the premises. “There’s a roaster right there beside the lamps. They’re made there. They’re continually making all day and night, they have to store them somewhere,” they wrote.

@aahaden, however, replied that there isn’t a roaster in the Buc-ee’s location she displayed in her video, adding that despite learning this, it doesn’t mitigate her enjoyment of the product. “Not at this store. But I still love them,” she said.

Someone else also wrote that the freshness of the sugared nuts one purchases is contingent upon the Buc-ee’s location the frequent. “Depends when you go really. They are made fresh in-store, but like everything else, they make too much and have to put them somewhere,” they said.

And then there was another TikToker who said that if viewers were really let down by the sugared nuts not being freshly roasted, making them at home isn’t all too difficult. “You can make your own in about 20 minutes with egg whites, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon,” they shared.

However, one person who said they were a Buc-ee’s employee stated that the chain does indeed make them fresh every single day, and the only reason the employee was placing them in the cabinet was because there is no other place in the store to keep them. “I’ve worked at bucees and they are made fresh daily idk what y’all are complaining about they put them there because they have no place to put them,” they claimed.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Buc-ee’s via email and @aahaden via TikTok comment for further information.

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