Subway customer leaves a tip for nice worker. It went to the manager who's not working

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‘No wonder she told me to ‘just skip and pay”: Subway customer leaves a tip for nice worker. It went to the manager who’s not working

‘I went to Subway about a month ago and the employee told me not to tip for this reason.’


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A Subway customer went viral after she claimed that her tip for a helpful worker went to the store’s manager instead.

TikToker Jess (@jdoronn) posted the clip after visiting a Subway in Toronto, and she sparked a debate over tipping culture as well as whether or not her statement was true. The video has been viewed over 190,000 times and gained over 8,000 likes as of publication.

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While eating her Subway sandwich, Jess shares her recent realization with viewers: “Maybe I’m the only person who didn’t know but if you tip at Subway it doesn’t go to the person who made your sandwich. It goes to the manager.”

“Like why did my tip that I just thought I was giving to the girl who made my sandwich go to the manager who’s not working?” she asks.

One commenter on the video appeared to have had the same happen to them, writing, “Omg no wonder she told me to “just skip and pay.”

The creator also sparked a debate among viewers about whether it was true that tips at Subway go to management, not the staff.

“I work at Subway and all tips that we get, get split between everyone that’s on shift,” one viewer who claimed to be a Subway worker said.

“The person at subway told me that lol every time I go the worker says ‘press no tip’,” a user replied.

“It goes on their check to all working that shift,” another said.

“Yes!! I went to Subway about a month ago and the employee told me not to tip for this reason,” a third added.

“That is untrue. The tips are redistributed to those that worked that shift, just like any other POS system that takes tips. Verify info b4 you post,” a user argued.

Jess replied: “The girl that worked there told me specifically it goes to her manager.”

Others complained about an out-of-control tipping culture.

“Na i don’t tip for carryout ever,” wrote one commenter.

“Why would you tip at Subway?” asked another person.

“The girl was so nice to me, she deserved it,” wrote Jess.

The Subway franchise has seen a massive decline in the last decade. Thousands of stores have closed their doors since 2016. In an effort to combat declining sales, the sandwich shop improved its menu, redesigned stores, and created a loyalty program. These tactics seemed to have worked. Sales increased by 7.8% in 2022.

Still, rumors of decline have been rampant about the sandwich chain for years. They have been known to force workers to pay for their own uniforms or serve moldy vegetables. Customer needs have also shifted in the last few years, with many seeking fresher ingredients than they had before.

Now that Roark Capital has purchased Subway, the company may see another round of changes, and hopefully, new procedures surrounding tips will be implemented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jess via TikTok comments and Subway via email for further information.

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