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‘I ordered falafel one day and they sent me teriyaki chicken like i’m vegetarian’: Subway customer says they just gave her a totally different sub after they ran out of meatballs

'Idk why they didn’t call you??'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Sep 27, 2023   Updated on Sep 27, 2023, 5:27 pm CDT

A Subway customer went viral on TikTok after she received a totally different sub than the one she ordered on Uber Eats.

@sarahheaslip_ the great subway debacle of 2023 @Amy McCabe ♬ original sound – sarah

At the start of her video, TikTok user Sarah (@sarahheaslip_) realizes that her sandwich is a footlong, and she notes that she had ordered a six-inch. She then reads the note that her Subway worker attached to her sub order. 

“Hey Sarah, really sorry but we ran out of meatballs. Made a sub-teriyaki. I added cookies free of cost. Enjoy,” she reads the note aloud. “Aw,” she adds. 

But, Sarah says, “I’m pretty sure I paid for the cookies though … so I don’t know what free of charge means but cute that they wrote me a note.”

She goes on to try the replacement Subway sub and says she doesn’t really like it. The video ends with her telling her friend about the situation, adding that the cookies weren’t free because she already paid for them.

“What the heck?” her friend says.

As of this writing, Sarah’s video has received over 847,000 views, and commenters chimed in to offer suggestions for what she should do about the sub she didn’t order.

One viewer told the creator, “Check your receipt on the app, they might have reimbursed your cookies.”

Another suggested, “Absolutely submit a claim through the app. I’ve been refunded each time I’ve had an error.” 

Sarah responded, “DONE, THANK YOU.”

Viewers also shared their own Subway stories, and voiced their frustrations about the fast food chain changing up their sub orders without checking with the customer first.

One viewer wondered, “Idk why they didn’t call you?? You can get your number through the app so they could’ve contacted you to ask what you wanted instead.”

Another comment wrote, “I ordered falafel one day and they sent me teriyaki chicken like I’m vegetarian. I was SO SAD.”

A Subway worker also clarified that the worker who prepared Sarah’s sub should have reached out to let her know they were out of meatballs.

“Yeah I work there, they’re definitely meant to contact you and ask what you’d like instead,” they said.

“Oh! Well I’m very happy with my money back haha,” Sarah wrote back.

One viewer even went so far as to tag Subway Australia in the comment section but the creator responded, saying, “Wait, I don’t wanna get in trouble I love subway just not this one time.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Sarah via TikTok direct message and Subway via email. 

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*First Published: Sep 27, 2023, 5:19 pm CDT