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‘We gaslit ourselves’: Customers say Subway gave them a raw footlong cookie

'Your face of realization is priceless.'


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Posted on Mar 13, 2024   Updated on Mar 13, 2024, 8:30 am CDT

People expect fully cooked food when they dine out. However, that’s not always the case. A couple of Subway customers say they received a raw cookie footlong when they first tried it.

In a video with 1.5 million views, TikToker Jules (@jcmillmill) and her roommate talked about the cookie footlong they bought the week prior as she dipped her chocolate chip cookie footlong in a glass of milk. “I don’t think ours was f*cking cooked,” her roommate said from behind the camera. After a few seconds, Jules’ eyes widened and it dawned on her. “That is so true,” she replied. Then, she stopped dipping her cookie.

The roommate said she thought it tasted different at first; now she understood why. “Like, we were eating it and we were like, ‘It tastes a little weird,'” the roommate recalled, laughing. As Jules was remembering, she came to the same conclusion. “Oh, my god. You’re so right,” she agreed. Despite this, she and the roommate thought the cookie tasted “pretty good” the more they ate it. On the other hand, the roommate attributed it to them being hungry. Next, Jules unveiled the original cookie in a photo. The video concluded with Jules laughing.

Jules joked in the caption, “The way we gaslit ourselves.”

During an interview with the Daily Dot, Jules revealed the Subway location was in Toronto, Canada. While at Subway, she noticed the worker didn’t warm up the cookie footlong. Instead, he took it out of the fridge and put it in the bag. However, she and her roommate didn’t think anything of it. The content creator described the uncooked cookie as “cold Chips Ahoy or Pillsbury cookies than anything.” When Jules was filming a review of the cookie for work, she noticed something was off.

“My roommate and I noticed that this one was warmed up,” she shared through TikTok direct message. “I was filming my review when she noted that she thought it was raw! And we thought our reaction was kind of funny which is why I uploaded the video.”

“I just want to clarify that the cookie I’m eating in the video is not the uncooked one! But the photo I show towards the end was,” she continued.

Nevertheless, Jules said she wasn’t sure about buying the cookie footlong again. “I’m not sure if I’ll order the footlong cookie again, not because of this experience but just because it’s a lot of cookie haha. Maybe if I’m going to a potluck or something haha,” she added.

@jcmillmill The way we gaslit ourselves 🙃 @Delaney Stedman ♬ original sound – jULES

In the comments section, viewers shared their thoughts about the cookie footlong.

“Honestly I just think the footlong cookies taste kinda weird they def have an odd flavor to them,” one viewer said.

“No this is the superior way to eat them. they catch fire in the oven and then there’s like 2-4 spots that are basically inedible. happens with the churros too,” a second stated.

“I act like this but lowkey love when it’s raw in the middle,” a third commented.

On the other hand, self-described Subway workers explained why Jules’ cookie footlong may have tasted off.

“I work at subway. They come cooked and we just heat them up,” one viewer explained.

“As a subway employee they come cooked just frozen and unfrozen,” a second echoed.

The Daily Dot reached out to Subway via press email.

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*First Published: Mar 13, 2024, 9:00 am CDT