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‘Relatable’: Subway customer gets $3.74 sandwich in case you only have $5 in your bank account

‘I’m hungry and poor at all times.’


Melody Heald


In a now-viral TikTok, a Subway customer revealed how she scored a sandwich for under $5.

TikTok user @alyssacardib uploaded the video on June 8, and it has garnered over 184,000 views in just one day. In the clip, she sits in her car holding a six-inch Subway sandwich.

“If anyone only has $5 in their bank account and they’re hungry, and they want a Subway sandwich, I got this sandwich for literally $3.74,” the TikToker said, presenting her receipt as proof.

She explained that she got the deal by using a coupon code that “actually worked.”

“So, if you’re hungry and poor, use this code,” she said, gesturing to text above her head that read, “349SUB.”


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In an interview with the Daily Dot, @alyssacardib said she discovered the code because it was the first one she saw after searching “Subway discount codes.”

She was inspired to share the deal because “the prices of groceries have gone up so much that sometimes it can be cheaper to grab food instead, especially if you look for discount codes, and I know a lot of people are struggling right now.”

The TikToker is based in Greenacres, Florida, but she said the code works “for all subway locations as long as you use it online.” She added that the code only works for six-inch subs.

In the comments section of her video, many viewers shared their success using the code.

“Thanks sis. Code absolutely work :) it just doesn’t work on footlongs!!” one viewer wrote.

“Yoooo this shii WORKSSS,” a second commented.

“Worked for me,” a third echoed.

Some weren’t as lucky, however.

“Doesnt work at my location,” one user said.

“The code didn’t work for me,” a second wrote.

“Only some subway locations places like mall and airport don’t do discounts,” a third added.

Subway’s coupons change on a monthly basis. This code is a June special that allows customers to get a six-inch sandwich for $3, but the coupon expires on June 14.

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