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‘What’s wrong with sitting on the same side of the booth?‘: Steakhouse waitress start debate after saying servers ‘judge’ you when you sit on same side of booth

'You're embarrassing yourself.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Nov 28, 2023

A viral video about what annoys servers got enough backlash from viewers that the creator turned off the comment section.

In the trending TikTok, which has over a million views, Kelly (@kelly.ella86) and her fellow waitresses reveal all of the things they judge customers over—including sitting on the same side of a booth.

“We’re waitresses, we’re gonna get upset when you order a Coke and a water and only drink the Coke,” Kelly says in the clip.

“We’re waitresses, we’re gonna laugh at your jokes because you pay our bills,” another waitress adds.

The video continues on like this as they list more truths of the job. They include: telling customers their food is almost ready when they just rang it in, getting yelled at when customers ask for special prep, and talking about customers in the kitchen who order a hot tea.

The servers also note that they lack the authority to turn down the thermostat at guests’ requests. Like other restaurant workers, Kelly also expressed disdain for customers who come in 10 minutes before closing. And of course, the servers say, “We’re gonna judge you when you and your boyfriend sit on the same side of the booth.”

This video format is part of a viral TikTok trend in which people reveal the good, the bad, and the relatable about specific parts of their identity. Other creators have done, “We’re girls,” “We’re siblings,” and “We’re dentists.”

While several servers in the comment section thought the video was funny and related to a lot of it, others, namely restaurant patrons, felt offended by the waitresses’ laundry list of annoyances. It seems the comments and blowback got so bad that Kelly turned off the comment section, making it so no comments are visible.

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One of the ‘icks’ that people felt most offended by was sitting on the same side of the booth, but apparently many people are against this, and there are entire articles, Reddit posts, and blog posts on the topic.

“No seriously, just stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. You may be trying to declare to the world that you’re madly in love, but you’re just making yourself look bad. I almost feel like you’re playing a game with the general public called ‘Let’s see how awkward we can make everyone else feel.’ And you’re winning,” one strongly-worded blogger said.

“I hate it when it encroaches on neighboring guests and when they are getting all PDA,” a Redditor wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kelly for comment via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Nov 28, 2023, 8:25 am CST