Starbucks barista shows venti iced water hack.

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‘Or just drink water’: Starbucks barista shows venti iced water hack. It backfires

'A watered down iced tea? Girl, BFFR.'


Grace Fowler


Posted on Aug 4, 2023

A Starbucks barista went viral on TikTok for sharing a venti iced water hack.

Judi (@dujifish) has reached over 9,500 views on her recent video as of Friday afternoon, while viewers argue in the comments section whether her hack is useful or not. 

Judi tells the audience her hack is for making flavored water. She also says “it should be really inexpensive.” 

@dujifish How to order: 1 venti iced water 1 short peach tranquility tea with an extra mint majesty tea bag and room 1 splenda #starbucks #secretmenu #starbuckssecretmenu #drinkrecipe #barista #starbuckshack #fyp #talking #vlog ♬ original sound – JUDI

Judi says to order a venti iced water and one short peach tranquility tea with an extra mint majesty tea bag. “Ask for some room at the top of the cup, I have mine half full.” She then says to order one Splenda on the side. 

“Don’t make the baristas do this, do it yourself, it’s easy,” she says.

She says to wait three minutes for the tea to brew and then pour it into your water. “Flavored water has like no calories, no sweetener,” she says. 

“You can also make it caffeinated with green tea or black tea,” she adds. 

One viewer comments, “or just drink water,” sparking controversy in the comments. Another viewer says “I’m so confused because it’s just an iced tea?”

One says, “A watered down iced tea? Girl, BFFR.” 

Judi responds saying, “True, it is iced tea lol, this one isn’t on the menu though.” 

A supporter defends Judi saying, “It’s concentrated tea so it actually is stronger.” 

Starbucks hacks frequently go viral on TikTok. In recent headlines, a Starbucks customer shared how to get two cold brew drinks for the price of one. Some viewers say they have been using this hack since 2012.

The Daily Dot reached out to Judi via the TikTok comments section and Starbucks via email. 

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*First Published: Aug 4, 2023, 3:26 pm CDT