Starbucks customer shares hack for getting 2 cold brew drinks for the price of 1

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‘This has been my secret Starbucks hack order for years’: Starbucks customer shares how to get 2 cold brew drinks for the price of 1

'I’ve been doing this since 2012.'


Maya Wray


Posted on Apr 22, 2023

Popular California-based food blogger Steven Sushi (@stevensushi) finally revealed a hack he says he’s used since 2012 for receiving two drinks for the price of one at some Starbucks locations. 

In his viral TikTok video, which has been viewed 175,000 times as of Saturday, Steven says he has saved “so much money” by ordering an uncut cold brew from Starbucks.

@stevensushi This has been my secret Starbucks hack order for years, not every location has the uncut cold brew…. But it’s worth it. #s#starbucksA#AXERatioChallengec#coldbrewhacks#starbuckshack ♬ original sound – Steven Sushi

“Usually Starbucks waters down their cold brew and it’s mixed with part water, part cold brew,” he says, holding up a cup filled with uncut cold brew. “This is pitcher-made and if you can see the color of this, that is dark oil basically.”

Holding another cup filled only with ice, Steven adds part of his uncut cold brew to it. “What I do is save the rest for later,” he says. “You can fill this up with water, and you have two cold brews for the price of one. Thank me later.”

Users shared their own versions of the uncut cold brew hack in the comments section. “Venti cold brew with two Grande cups of ice and a side of heavy cream!” user Marcie (@marcie_009) revealed. 

“I worked there and I used to take a Trenta cold brew uncut and make my own on days off lol,” another wrote. 

Several users criticized Steven for the hack, saying that if he was worried about saving money, then he shouldn’t order Starbucks. 

“I have a Starbucks hack… Stop going to Starbucks,” one user commented.

“My Starbucks hack that has saved me money is making something as easy as cold brew at home,” another said.

Others asked Steven not to order an uncut cold brew from the store. “They actually can’t uncut anymore so please don’t get upset when they say they can’t,” one user offered.

“It varies by location, some still have a cold brew pitcher on the side but not a lot,” Steven responded. 

“Please don’t do this lmao like at all we will hate you,” another user wrote. 

“Then work somewhere else,” Steven replied.

The Daily Dot reached out to Steven via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Apr 22, 2023, 1:41 pm CDT