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‘I’ve worked at Starbucks almost 7 years’: Ex-barista calls out customers who get tall coffee with ‘like 20’ Splendas.

‘How are ppl getting that much sugar !?!’


Melody Heald


An ex-Starbucks barista revealed some of the most common, “nasty a** Starbucks orders” she made when she worked there.

The video featured TikTok user @pretendingtobesmart who quit her job at Starbucks after seven years. So, she decided to spill “the tea” by revealing some of the most common drinks she has had to make.

@pretendingtobesmart Peoples nasty ass Starbucks orders 🤢 #statbucks #tobeymaguire ♬ original sound – pretendingtobesmart

The first order she shared was “a tall coffee with, like, 20 Splendas.”

Next was a “venti iced white mocha with the drizzle and the vanilla sweet cream cold foam.” What really disgusted the content creator was when customers added “extra cold foam” with “no ice” and “12 pumps of syrup.”

“So, you’re getting a lukewarm drink with whipped cream,” @pretendingtobesmart explained. “It’s just f*cking nasty.” Finally, there were people who would order “27 pumps of classic [syrup] and a venti.” However, the content creator would occasionally only put 25 pumps. Why? “I’m trying to save your life,” she said.

“Peoples nasty a** Starbucks orders,” she captioned the video.

The Daily Dot reached out to @pretendingtobesmart via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment for more information. The video garnered over 385,000 views, leaving viewers shocked with how much sugar people add to their drinks.

“How are ppl getting that much sugar !?! I would feel physically [ill] if I had that much,” one viewer said.

“Regular drinks at Starbucks already have an ungodly amount of sugar, I couldn’t imagine asking for more,” a second commented.

In addition, other baristas shared some of the bizarre drinks they’ve made.

“There is a lady that comes and gets 27 full pumps classic [syrup] in her mango dragonfruit refresher [with] extra ice,” one user said.

“A lady ordered 20 pumps of chai and then said it wasn’t enough,” a second person recalled.

“This guy asked for 15 scoops of matcha in his grande latte,” a third commenter stated.

Update 5:56pm CT, Aug. 30: @pretendingtobesmart told the Daily Dot bizarre drink orders are extremely common.

“The weirdest /most disgusting drink is a lady that order a grande iced latte with no ice, 30 pumps of caramel, and she would order it twice a day,” she shared via TikTok direct message.

However, the content creator didn’t get tired of the weird drinks.

“It’s interesting to see what different people order, as long as they are respectful if they like it I love it,” she said.

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