nurse speaking holding Starbucks cup with caption 'when I got to the window they handed me this hot chocolate' (l) Starbucks drive thru (c) Starbucks cup with milk with caption 'but y'all this is a cup of milk' (r)

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‘I feel like Starbucks catfished me this morning’: Customer says Starbucks barista gave her a free hot chocolate—without the chocolate

‘I mean it’s still free.’


Jack Alban


It’s almost always jarring when you think you’re about to taste one thing, and then it ends up having a completely unexpected flavor profile. Like going to someone’s house and them handing you a glass of soda that looks like cola, and it ends up being grape.

For a nurse named Corina (@corina_907), her tastebuds-catfishing moment occurred at Starbucks when a barista asked her if she wanted a free hot chocolate because the store made extra. She says she gladly accepted it but was disappointed to find that she was just handed a cup of milk.

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She begins the clip by pouting into the camera and stating, “I feel like Starbucks catfished me this morning I rolled up and asked for literally just a cup of hot water so I could dump my coffee packet into it. And when I got to the window they handed me this hot chocolate. He’s like ‘free hot chocolate we made extra.’ I was touched.”

The camera then transitions to show what appears to be just a cup of hot milk, which was confirmed by Corina who, while lifting the lid off the coffee cup, says, “But y’all this is a cup of milk.”

She writes in a caption for the video, “@starbucks !! Why did you have yo do me dirty like that at 6:30am.”

One commenter gave the barista the benefit of the doubt, saying that the beverage could’ve just been a cup of white hot chocolate. However, Corina says that this wasn’t the case.

“I tried it. It’s MILK,” she said.

Someone else speculated that she could’ve just been given a latte. Again, Corina replied, confirming that she received just a cup of hot milk. “Latte has espresso,” she said.

One other TikTok suggested she just turn the heated cup of milk into a latte by simply “dump[ing] the coffee packet into the steamed milk.”

There was another commenter who wondered why Corina would go to Starbucks of all places, as the state she lives in purportedly prides itself on its obsession with coffee.

“Ok you came from Alaska with the best coffee stands anywhere and you go to Starbucks?” they wrote.

One user on the platform had a simple explanation for the hot chocolate mix-up, writing, “The barista was lied too or the barista made the drink forgot the mocha.”

However, another commenter didn’t seem to see what the big fuss was about because ultimately, the beverage was free.

“I mean it’s still free,” they wrote.

It’s not like she purchased a quesadilla from Chipotle and wasn’t given a tortilla or queso, just a wad of ingredients in a bowl.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Corina and Starbucks via email for further comment.

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