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‘It wasn’t my fault’: Woman says her DoorDash driver got hit by a car while delivering her order. Then DoorDash charged her for it

'I want my $30 back.'


Amara Thomas


Posted on May 15, 2024   Updated on May 15, 2024, 1:38 pm CDT

In a viral video, TikToker Nia (@bittnia) pleads with viewers to “tag DoorDash” in her comments section after she says the company refused to refund her for an undelivered order. 

She says that last week, she bought two bottles of wine through the platform. “And while my Dasher was waiting for me to come outside, he got hit. He messaged me that he got hit,” she says.

Nia shares with viewers a photo of the scene the Dasher left. Outside her apartment sat two broken bottles on the ground surrounded by a puddle of wine, according to the photo. “This is what I saw, broken glass, empty bottles, and he was gone,” she says.

She continues, “Long story short, I did not get a refund. I checked today, and they said I was not getting a refund. I called five times and spoke to several customer service people—some … were very nice, and some very mean. I got hung up on twice.” 

She says she was told she wouldn’t be getting a refund. Instead, she says she found out she would have to pay a $25 undeliverable fee. She says the company’s reasoning for the fee was “for people who are underage or too intoxicated to receive a delivery.” 

Yet, she assures viewers, none of these scenarios applied to her. “Obviously, it wasn’t my fault, but I still have to pay the fee, so please tag DoorDash. I want my $30 back,” she says.

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How can Dashers deliver alcohol to customers?

DoorDash added alcohol delivery to its platform in various states in 2021. With this, it adopted a “rigorous ID verification prior to checkout and multiple ID checkpoints along the delivery to ensure customers are of legal age,” it shared in a press release. 

Dashers are required to check the recipient’s identity by scanning their ID and visually comparing the recipient’s appearance to the ID they provide before they hand over the order. 

According to DoorDash, Dashers are not allowed to leave an alcohol order unattended or hand it to someone else who cannot produce a valid ID. In these situations, when customers can not produce a valid ID, the order is deemed undeliverable, and folks are often charged with an undeliverable fee. 

Viewers are tagging DoorDash

In Nia’s case, one can assume that DoorDash is determining her order as undeliverable because the Dasher left before checking her ID. Her video has 25,000 views and hundreds of comments. Many of the comments are from fellow TikTokers tagging DoorDash. They are attempting to get the company’s attention on the matter. Others are sharing other channels for her to get a refund. 

“If you can’t get them to do anything. Contact your bank with the proof of him getting hit and the bottles broken. They’ll take care of it. You may not be able to use DoorDash again,” one viewer shared. 

Nia told the Daily Dot that “after initially reporting the incident right after it happened,” she was refunded $2. “When I noticed this about 10 days later, that was when I followed up,” she said.

She said the first customer service person she spoke with “said there was nothing she could do because it’d been too long and hung up on me. ”

Nia said the second customer service representative she spoke with “said she could only give me $3.”

“The 4th DoorDash support person I spoke to finally concluded it was Doordash’s fault that this had happened (due to miscommunication between Dasher support and customer support) and she gave me 10$ of DoorDash credits because she felt bad, but that was the most she could do,” she said. “I was refunded 5$ and 10 doordash credits (after calling and messaging support 5-6 times) after being wrongfully charged 30$ because my dasher was hit.”

The Daily Dot reached out to DoorDash via email for comment. 

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*First Published: May 15, 2024, 7:00 pm CDT