Customer explains that Starbucks barista put soy milk instead of oat milk in her drink

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‘Having an allergic reaction on the train’: Customer says Starbucks barista put soy milk instead of oat milk in her drink

‘Why is it SO HARD to just give ppl what they order?’


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A Starbucks customer claims that a barista gave her soy milk instead of oat milk, causing her to have an allergic reaction on a commuter train.

A TikToker who goes by Niamh (@teepgoes2mars) posted a video about the incident on April 13. It has garnered over 383,000 views since then. In the clip, the TikToker records herself blinking before showing a Starbucks cup, which presumably held the soy milk-tainted drink.

The on-screen caption tells the tale: “Big thanks to the barista at Starbucks who put soy milk in my coffee instead of oat milk i [love] having an allergic reaction on the train.”


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In the comments section, viewers ranged from providing commiseration to dispensing advice.

“Omg, someone else is allergic to soy?” said one person, happy to find a kindred spirit. “I thought I was the only one lmao.”

The creator responded, “Soy allergic gang,” adding, “im lactose intolerant too but all the stuff with dairy replacement is always soy.”

“Starbucks barista here, 100% call up the store and let them know this happened,” one person advised. “It’s something management does take super seriously.”

That person also added, “Don’t be afraid to be that person that asks, ‘Is this definitely oat milk?’”

Some viewers asked whether Niamh had informed the barista of her allergy. Responding to one commenter’s inquiry, the TikToker confirmed that she had not informed the barista. In an exchange with another commenter, she revealed that the incident occurred at the Starbucks at Clapham Junction railway station in London.

“I didn’t,” Niamh said, responding to a question about whether she told the barista, “so i am somewhat at fault, but i wish they had told me they were using soy instead of oat. It wouldve saved me a lot of stress.”

Allergy or not, some argued that she should have been given what she ordered without question.

“Why is it SO HARD to just give ppl what they order?” one viewer questioned

Another said, “Coming from a barista it definitely helps to specify the allergy, that usually makes them pay more attention.”

That led another commenter to respond, “No, they should pay attention to ALL details ALWAYS. It’s literally right there on the screen & slip for them.”

The Daily Dot contacted Niamh via TikTok comment for further information.

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