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‘There’s a shoot out in front of my house‘: Woman says her Stanley cup saved her life, survived a bullet hole

'I'm convinced Stanleys are immortal.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Feb 27, 2024   Updated on Feb 27, 2024, 8:25 am CST

Stanley Cups continue to get amazing publicity from the brand’s dedicated fanbase.

First, one woman accidentally put her cup to the ultimate test. She showed that her Stanley was mostly intact and still filled with ice after being in a literal car fire. The video got so much attention that Stanley reached out and gifted her a new car.

Now the Stanely cup is possibly saving lives, another woman says.

“First the car fire and now a bullet hahaha Stanley doesn’t need a marketing team atp,” one commenter wrote.

In a viral video with more than 2.5 million views, Stanley Cup owner Rachel (@xo._ray) explained that there was a shootout in front of her house and her Stanley Cup may be the reason a stray bullet didn’t hit her.

In the video, Rachel seemingly shows the bullet’s travel path. It seems to have bounced off a wall, grazed a perfume bottle, and then hit her white Stanely cup, which has a small dent and silver scratch from where the bullet supposedly hit.

Rachel called the incident “one of the scariest” days of her life, in the TikTok caption.

Many people weren’t buying it, with one person telling Rachel to “at least make it believable.” She pulls out several receipts to prove that she wasn’t clout chasing. She insists that a stray bullet really made its way into her home and ricocheted off the Stanley.

In the follow-up video, Rachel shows a bullet hole that went through a wall and the bullet casing on the floor. She further cemented it with what appears to be a Snapchat video of police taking photos of the evidence all around her living room.

“Hope this is believable enough pookie,” the text overlay on the video read.

And a Stanley Cup being bulletproof isn’t new information. Some Stanely Cup labels advertise that they’re “built for life” boasting that they’ve survived extremely cold temperatures, 4,000 ft drops, a category 3 hurricane, and of course, speeding bullets.

@xo._ray one of the scariest day of my life 🥺#stanleycup ♬ original sound – JordBen

There’s even a story on the Stanley blog backing this up.

“While it is now officially the ugliest thermal bottle on the planet, it works like the day it was purchased. Its badge of honor is a bullet graze obtained on a construction site in Guatemala during a robbery attempt. I plan to be buried with Stanley,” a customer said.

However, one YouTuber proved that if shot at directly and in close range the Stanley will most definitely get perforated—though the chances of that happening in day-to-day life are slim.

Rachel’s viral video has attracted more than 1,100 comments.

“Stanley standing on biz no matter the situation,” a top comment read.

“I’m convinced Stanley’s are immortal,” a person said.

“Stanley bought that one girl a car, maybe they’ll buy you a house,” another joked. (This is unlikely since in their video the Stanley representative said it was a one-time thing.)

The Daily Dot reached out to Rachel for comment via Instagram direct message and to Stanley via email.

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*First Published: Feb 27, 2024, 10:00 am CST