Driver says this popular Spotify product is being discontinued

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‘What am I going to do in my 20-year-old Toyota?’: Spotify is ditching this popular screen. And drivers aren’t happy

‘Nah I’m so upset too.’


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Spotify’s Car Thing is a $90 four-inch touchscreen that allows you to listen to your music or podcasts while driving. Designed for older cars, you can pause, play, skip, and create playlists using your voice. However, on Dec. 9, Spotify is removing compatibility for it. TikTok user @karlita4u blasted the popular streaming platform for discontinuing it in a video viewed 1.6 million times.

“Hey, Spotify, quick question: what the [expletive]?” she asked, annoyed as she unveiled an email from Spotify. “They are discontinuing the Car Thing. Like, what am I going to do in my 20-year-old Toyota? That’s the only good thing you have actually put out.” Furthermore, the cherry on the cake was how the company planned not to replace it. “My favorite part is that they’re, ‘Yeah, just throw it away. Like, it’s not gonna work after December. Like, no replacement, no trade-in.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @karlita4u via TikTok comment and direct message. Like @karlita4u, viewers were also livid about Spotify getting rid of this.

“i’m mad the car thing is the only thing that makes my car tolerable,” one viewer said.

“Right?!? Like premium members were supposed to get to for free but I had to pay $50 for it and now it won’t work?!??!” a second remarked.

“Nah I’m so upset too. We need to go fight Spotify cuz why complete brick it, it works just fine leave the software up,” a third stated.

“I thought I was the only one mad! So weird of a company to offer no compensation for a product they are randomly discontinuing,” a fourth commented.

The content creator replied her thoughts in the comments section, “Its weird, esp since you can only use it if youre a premium user. So to treat users who pay for premium AND car thing is such a bad look.”

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Why is Spotify discontinuing Car Thing?

According to an email to the Daily Dot, a Spotify spokesperson says that: “The goal of our Car Thing exploration in the U.S. was to learn more about how people listen in the car. In July 2022, we announced we’d stop further production and now it’s time to say goodbye to the devices entirely. Users will have until December 9, 2024 until all Car Thing devices will be deactivated. To learn more about all of the ways you can continue to listen to Spotify in the car, check out For The Record, and Car Thing users can reach out to Customer Support with any questions.”

Is Car Thing refundable?

Unfortunately, customers will not receive a refund or trade-in options for this. Customers can only receive refunds within two weeks of purchasing a product.

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