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‘We all had our vest on’: Woman says Spirit Airlines only gave her a $50 voucher after emergency incident

‘This is Spirit, y’all.’


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Spirit Airlines is coming under fire for offering passengers a $50 voucher after a water landing scare. In a viral TikTok video that has racked up over 52,000 views and thousands of likes, user ItsjustKayM (@itsjustkaym) explained what happened during and after the flight.

She also argued the airline is trying to cover up what really happened and that passengers deserve better compensation.

“We were 30 thousand ft NOT 3k like I mentioned,” the woman wrote in the clip’s caption. “We all had our vest on. They gave us $50 towards another flight and food voucher that we couldn’t use because restaurants started closing. I need a full refund for this Spirit! Read the Jamaican Gleaner it’s in the news there. They not telling people here in the US. It was also on the Jamaican news channel. This is insane.”

A report by the Gleaner confirms the incident.

Yesterday, CNN reported that passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight from Jamaica to Fort Lauderdale were instructed to brace for a water landing mid-flight. The plane was safely rerouted back to Jamaica, where passengers were evacuated.

Spirit pilot: ‘Prepare for a water landing’

However, based on ItsJustKayM’s video, the airline may have dropped the ball on its treatment of passengers in the aftermath of the incident. The TikToker went into further detail in her 6-minute-long clip.

”I’ve been in the airport since yesterday morning,” she said.

She then explained that approximately 10 minutes into her flight, the pilot announced there was an emergency that required the plane to “turn back around.” According to the woman, the pilot initially made it seem like the issue was not a big deal.

However, within moments he came back onto the intercom and told passengers to prepare for a water landing.

”So we all got our little life jackets on,” she continued. “Everybody panicking. People crying.”

Through tears, the TikToker said that it was the scariest thing she ever experienced in her life.

”Thank God we did not hit water,” she said.

The plane was able to land and the passengers were deplaned. It was also alleged that a faulty door was the reason why the flight had to turn back around.

What happened after the incident also shocked the woman. Eventually, the passengers were accommodated on another flight to Fort Lauderdale.

The 6-hour delay meant that many, including the TikToker, missed their connecting flights. Spirit offered up hotel and meal vouchers but nothing could prepare the TikToker for what happened the next day, she said.

ItsjustKayM claimed that her subsequent flight to Philadelphia was forced to turn back because of issues with the plane’s engine.

”Get your [expletive] together,” the TikToker said to the airline.

She also said the “worst” part of everything was the airline’s unwillingness to offer refunds.

”All they’re giving out is freaking vouchers,” she said. “I don’t need no damn vouchers. I need a full refund for this trip.”

The Daily Dot reached out to ItsjustKayM and Spirit Airlines via email for more information.

In the comments section of the clip, many agreed that the airline did not do enough for the passenger in light of the traumatic event.

@itsjustkaym We were 30 thousand ft NOT 3k like I mentioned. We all had our vest on. They gave us $50 towards another flight and food vocher that we couldnt use because restaurats started closing. I need a full refund for this Spirit!. Read the Jamaican Gleaner its in the news there. They not telling people here in the US. It was also on the Jamaican news channel. This is insane. #fyp #spiritairlines #spirit #airport #travel #vacation This is an update! Now im in Philadelphia, its 7:40, and they cant find my damn bag🙄@Spirit Airlines @The Shade Room ♬ original sound – ItsjustKayM

“50$ is a slap in the face,” wrote user Capychupacabra. “Im so sorry you went thru this.”

”I couldn’t imagine that amount of fear running thru my body,” Bee Watanabe commented.

“Just hearing this sent be into panic!” User Tiana said. “The ocean is terrifying to me. I might’ve died from fright with that announcement. I just had to get myself together and I’m in my room. Glad yall were ok.”

Update May 29, 11:51am CT:  “I was able to get my luggage yesterday. Spirit still has not reached out. They sent an email stating they’re giving us a $50 credit to a flight that expires in August,” ItsjustKayM told the Daily Dot.

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