Southwest Airlines passenger gets soaked after liquid drips from someone’s baggage in the overhead bin.

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‘WHOSE BAG IS THIS!!!!’: Southwest Airlines passenger gets soaked after liquid drips from someone’s baggage in the overhead bin. The flight attendant refuses to move her

'Y'all are either tossing that bag or I am.'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Dec 21, 2023   Updated on Dec 21, 2023, 8:32 am CST

If you’ve been on a plane at least a few times in the past decade, you probably have a good idea of what annoyances to expect. They tend to be predictable—delayed flights, crowded rows, that kid behind you who just won’t stop kicking your seat the whole time. But the thing about the human experience is that that there are always new and unexpected annoyances to be found around just about every corner.

For one TikToker, that new annoyance came in the form of steady showers from the overhead bin.

Last week, @pocketmouse35 shared a video she took during a Southwest Airlines flight that showed liquid splashing down from above, her seat and the armrest in between her and another passenger.

“POV: unidentified liquid drips from someone else’s bag on you the entire flight because the flight attendant says she can’t move you or the bag,” the text overlay reads.

It would be irritating enough if something like this happened and was rectified as soon as possible, but just having to sit through some sort of liquid dribbling onto you for, presumably, hours? 

I’d rather have a crying baby on my flight, thanks.

@pocketmouse35 Im filing a claim dw #southwest #flightattendant #flighthorrorstories #flying #travel #traveltiktok #plane ♬ Lifehack – Itsyourboymrkebs

Shockingly enough, other people in @pocketmouse35’s comments section also felt strongly about not getting doused with fluids from above for the duration of a light—or about the airline’s alleged inaction once alerted.

“I would’ve said so loudly ‘WHOSE BAG IS THIS!!!!’” wrote @laqawzia.

“The scene I would make!” @islandanxiety chimed in. “Absolutely not, y’all are either tossing that bag or I am!”

Another viewer pointed out that “the person whose bag it is would [probably] also like to know,” as they could have had items in their suitcase that were coming in contact with the liquid on its way out.

The TikToker did assure those wondering that she was “filing a claim” over the damages, and it sounds as if Southwest was on top of the issue.

“Update they responded immediately and gave me a voucher that’ll cover a free flight!!!” she wrote.

The Daily Dot has contacted her via TikTok message and Southwest Airlines via email to learn more.

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*First Published: Dec 21, 2023, 11:00 am CST