Sonic skates after worker spills order on customer’s car

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‘I just wanted my food’: Viewers question Sonic skates after worker spills order on customer’s car

'You got a 10-cent raise if you skated.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Apr 14, 2024

Sonic has always had workers deliver customers’ food on skates, known as “car hopping.” A year after the restaurant debuted in 1953, it implemented the iconic workflow. Although skating is not a requirement, workers can earn tips if they do. But after a woman filmed a Sonic worker delivering her food on skates and spilling it all over her car, we’re rethinking the whole tradition.

TikTok user Aalyah (@officiallyaalyah) sat in her car as she filmed a Sonic worker holding her order while rollerblading out of the restaurant. When the worker opened the door, it hit her, knocking a soda to the ground. “You got it,” the content creator encouraged as the worker skated toward her car. Then, the worker bumped into one of the menus in the drive-in but still held onto the order. When the worker was turning, she slipped and spilled the food across the content creator’s windshield and fell to the ground.

“I’m so sorry about that,” the worker apologized. Instead of being angry, Aalyah was understanding. “It’s OK, I swear,” she said. After struggling to pick up the cardboard, the content creator asked, “Are you OK?” Once the worker apologized again, the content creator wasn’t upset. “Don’t worry about it, sweetie,” she said, laughing. “It’s OK. Thank you, honey.” While the worker skated to the door, she dropped the boxes before getting inside. 

“i just wanted my food,” Aalyah captioned the video.

The Daily Dot reached out to Aalyah via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. The video racked up over 378,000 views and viewers appreciated Aalyah’s kindness.

“So glad you’re such a sweet lady and didn’t make it even more embarrassing for her,” one viewer said.

“Awww you were so nice,” a second stated.

In addition, former and current Sonic employees shared why they didn’t wear skates.

“I just don’t wear the skates I’m [already] clumsy as it is,” one user shared.

“I loved skating as a car hop and after months of doing it fell with 3 blast and covered myself. Never skated while carrying food again,” a second recalled.

@officiallyaalyah i just wanted my food #fyp #sonic #foryou #carhop ♬ original sound – officiallyaalyah

One viewer revealed there is a small bonus if a worker wore the skates. “lol when I worked at sonic back in the day you got a 10 cent raise if you skated,” they commented.

If an employee wants to car hop, they must complete the SONIC Skating Training Program. this program requires the employee to be able to “skate proficiently and frequently on various surfaces when delivering food” and have the “ability to continuously stand, balance and carry a tray, and sweep while roller skating.” By doing this, they can earn an extra $2 to their hourly pay.

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*First Published: Apr 14, 2024, 7:56 am CDT