Sonic drive-in customer asks worker is the iced coffees' good

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‘Thank you for being honest’: Sonic Drive-in customer asks worker if the iced coffee’s good. She can’t believe her reply

‘That’s how I feel about Wendy’s frosty coffee lol.’


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Sonic Drive-In is a fast option If you’re looking for a quick bite on the way to work and don’t have time to get out of your car. But you might want to consider whether you get your morning caffeine fix there.

At least that’s what one customer claims she was told by an employee when she asked their opinion of the chain’s iced coffee.

Tiktoker Raylyn (@pimpraylyn) says she was ordering a breakfast burrito from an unspecified Sonic location when she inquired about the quality of the drink. She posted her claim to her account four days ago and has racked up 163,300 views as of Monday.

Raylyn filmed her story in front of a sonic menu in the parking lot. In it, she claims, “I just pulled up to Sonic to get a breakfast burrito and I asked the girl [employee] if the iced coffee was good.”

She states that the employee asked if she was a “coffee person.”

Raylyn responded that she was. She claims that the employee immediately responded “No” to the question.

“Thank you for being honest,” Raylyn concludes at the end of the video.

According to Business Wire Sonic started using Keurig brand Green Mountain Coffee in its locations starting in 2016. The coffee is served with cream over Sonic’s signature-style ice cubes. According to the company website, a large has about 59 calories and contains 42 grams of sugar.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sonic Drive-In via email for a statement.

@pimpraylyn i wanted the redbull anyways i just needed to validated in my purchase #sonic #coffee ♬ original sound – Raylyn

Viewers weigh in

Raylyn’s video drew a variety of responses in the comments section with some viewers agreeing with the employee’s assessment and others professing their love for the drink.

Viewer Alaetra Lorisa (@alaetralorisa) commented to express her sympathy for the employee, stating “The way I can’t lie to anyone. I would be that girl haha.”

“Tbh to me it tastes like the bottled Dunkin’ ones or the international delight ones. It isn’t horrible,” samwalker945 (@theganjaweasel) wrote.

Another viewer simply wrote, “I love Sonic ice coffee,” while another stated, “A few years ago it was popular and I was so disappointed.”

“My mom loves Sonic coffee but I literally cannot tolerate it I think it tastes awful,” one viewer added.

Despite the detractors, the beverage seems to have plenty of support from Raylyn’s fellow TikTokers. Many have taken to the social media platform to express their fondness for the drink.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Raylyn via TikTok messenger and comment for further comment.

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