Sonic worker says they just changed onion rings recipe.

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‘I’m upset’: Sonic worker says they just changed onion rings recipe. You won’t like it

‘I’m upset that I always struggled to make enough onion rings daily.’


Kahron Spearman


In a trending TikTok video, Sonic employee Makayla Lee (@makaylalee98) provided a modern solution for a modern problem long-time coming.

While also indicating that Sonic has made a seismic change—they have allegedly changed the onion rings from fresh to frozen.

In the video, almost as a throwaway, she says, “So y’all know that Sonic decided to change your onion ring from fresh to frozen.” But then she dives directly into what they are doing with the leftover containers they used to use for “crumbs and breading” for the onion rings. 

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She says, “So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take it, and you’re gonna turn it into a place where you can put your toys.” She shows the containers of toys and “wacky pack bags.”

One commenter exclaimed, “As a former GM, I’m upset that I always struggled to make enough onion rings daily, and now they’re frozen?!!”

While the onion rings may now be frozen at her location, it isn’t a nationwide decision. In fact, as recently as May, there are videos of onion rings being made fresh. 


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The popularity of the legendary side is primarily tied to its crisp texture and a so-called secret ingredient—vanilla ice milk mix or melted vanilla ice cream —which was reportedly discovered

But a comment in another TikTok video suggests some conflict. One person says it wasn’t an ice cream mix but “sweet vanilla cake batter flour with breadcrumbs.” Another, who stated that her mother was a general manager at a Sonic franchise, says it’s the type of sweet onion and the pre-made flour mix.

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In any case, a move to frozen onion rings at this store suggests a significant shift. The reasons for shifts could be tied to the limited supply of onion rings and fries due to a bad crop season and inflation, per a Bloomberg report

The Daily Dot contacted Lee via TikTok comment and Sonic via email for further information.

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