Customer orders a 'stacked lobe.' Piercer warns it means something else

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‘I promise you there is already a name for it’: Customer orders a ‘triangle piercing.’ Piercer warns it means something else

‘Please do your research.’


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A professional piercer issued a PSA about using the wrong name to ask for a specific piercing.

In a viral video with over 1.3 million views, user Eloise (@bodyxprison) shares the name for a popular, often sought-after piercing and implored piercing seekers to call it by its correct moniker.

“Pleeeease do your research,” she implored in the clip’s caption. “I promise you there is already a name for it.”

The piercing in question is called a “stacked lobe.” A stacked lobe piercing positions other piercings above pre-existing ones on the lobe of an ear. It is often used whenever a piercing is poorly placed too high or too low.

@bodyxprison pleeeease do your research, i promise you there is already a name for it #stackedlobe #piercing #safepiercing ♬ original sound – eloise

The current popularity of the piercings (and the fact that they are often misnamed) led Eloise to create her video.

“As a professional piercer, I feel like it is partly my duty to let it be known when something is incorrect,” she began in her clip.

She then explained that many clients have been wrongly referring to “stacked lobes” as “triangle piercings.” The two piercings are not the same thing.

What is a ‘triangle piercing?’

In fact, according to the Piercing Bible, “triangle piercings” are an entirely different type of piercings that involve a woman’s genitalia.

“I promise the majority of the people getting [stacked lobes] does not want what an actual triangle piercing is,” she said.

She went on to say that customers misnaming stacked lobes would be horrified to discover what a “triangle piercing” really is.

“Just call it a stacked lobe,” she advised.

The professional piercer also urged those under 18 not to look up “triangle piercing.”

A triangle piercing is a horizontal piercing that is placed right underneath the clitoris. The piercings are typically sought after by women who want to increase sexual pleasure.

In the comments section of the video, many thought the common name mix-up was funny.

“I have a real triangle piercing,” user Anne Marie wrote. “That is hilarious.”

“For us lazy folks,” another wrote, “a real triangle piercing is on the fun button that’s hard to find.”

“This is so funny,” another user added. “I looked up what an actual triangle piercing is.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Eloise via email for comment and more information.

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