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‘I’m scared to check my SS account’: Woman says Social Security Administration tried to get her to pay $17,000 in overpayments

‘Also interesting that family SS doesn’t roll to family but the debt does? Insanity!’


Braden Bjella


A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after alleging that the Social Security Administration demanded $17,000 from her for “overpayment.” The problem? The money was not given to her, but to her father back in 1995.

In a video with over 3.7 million views as of Friday, TikTok user @kreeflowers says she logged into her social security account to order a new card. When she did, she was greeted by a terrifying notice.

“I log in, and right at the top in big, big red numbers was $17,000 in overpayment debt that they said I owed,” the TikToker states.

@kreeflowers SSA tried to make me pay back my father’s overpayment. A tiktok saved me!! Please dont come for me, im weak and ugly irl. #ssa #lucymcbath #ssaoverpayment #overpayment ♬ original sound – kreeflowers

The next day, the TikToker says she called the Social Security Administration to figure out what happened. They informed her that she was overpaid in 1995.

“And I laughed,” the TikToker recalls. “I say, ‘Hey, I was 10, so that is a mistake. I just need you to…press erase on that and get it off my account.”

According to the SSA, however, it wasn’t a mistake. The Administration allegedly told the TikToker that her father took Social Security benefits for disability in the 1990s, and they’ve retroactively determined that he was ineligible. Even though the TikToker’s father is still alive, this debt has been passed on to @kreeflowers and her sister.

In response, the TikToker says she filed paperwork explaining her situation and her inability to pay this large sum. 

It was at this point that she says she discovered a TikTok telling those with similar issues to write to their Congressperson. She did, and the next morning, she claims she received a response saying that her Congressperson, Rep. Lucy McBath, would be ready and able to help her.

“Long story short, Lucy McBath and her team—I just want to say shoutout to y’all. Brandon, you’re a real on —got [the SSA’s attention” the TikToker states. “And all of a sudden, Social Security was like, ‘Oh, we must have overlooked that!’”

“They took the debt from me and gave it back to my father—who, by the way, I have no relationship with, so that made it really worse,” the TikToker shares. Her sister, she says, is located in a different state and is currently getting in touch with her local representative to fight her debt.

“If you find yourself in a battle with the Social Security Administration over something that had nothing to do with you—you were a child, parents deceased or not—please, reach out to your Congressperson,” the TikToker advises.

In the comments section, users expressed disbelief that something like this could happen and relief that the TikToker was able to resolve it with her Congressperson.

“Also interesting that family SS doesn’t roll to family but the debt does? Insanity!” a user wrote.

“Even if you could afford to pay it, YOU SHOULDN’T!!! That’s so crazy,” added another.

“Whether I can afford it or not, I am not paying my parents’ or grandparents’ ‘debts’ due to SS office error,” declared a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to the TikToker via Instagram direct message and Rep. Lucy McBath via contact form.

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