DoorDasher shares how she got revenge on customers who didn’t tip on $980 Smoothie King order

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‘You sure showed them!’: Viewers divided after DoorDasher shares how she got revenge on customers who didn’t tip on $980 Smoothie King order

‘That was petty.’


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Yet another DoorDash driver is going viral on TikTok after showing off how they “got back” at a customer who didn’t tip them on an order.

Nicci (@thatsonofa) says that she took on a Smoothie King delivery request from a baseball team that cost nearly $1,000. She was miffed to see that whoever placed the order decided to leave the gratuity out of it.

The DoorDash driver says she decided to keep their straws out of the bag upon delivery, leaving the customers scrambling to get their own.

In the comments section of her video, some folks told Nicci that if she didn’t want to work a job that relies on gratuities, then she shouldn’t work for DoorDash. But there were also those who sympathized with her plight.

Revenge on a no-tip Smoothie King delivery

“Thinkin about the time I accepted a $980 catering order from smoothie king for a baseball team and they didn’t tip.. So I ‘accidentally’ forgot to give them their straws,” the TikToker wrote in a text overlay atop a photo of the “forgotten” straws.

It seemed like there were a lot of people in the comments section of Nicci’s video who thought she was “petty” for holding onto the straws.

“You sure showed them!” one person remarked.

“She gave them a minor inconvenience for slighting her. Seems reasonable,” another added.

There were others who couldn’t understand why Nicci would accept the order if she was expecting a tip.

“So why would you accept the order? I did instacart but usually you can see beforehand if they tipped or not,” one wrote.

Another replied, “You can see the tip before you even accept the order.”

“I never cared if someone didn’t leave a tip bc sometimes all the person has is the exact bill but they wanted to go out & do something nice for themselves or another.I just want to see smiling faces,” a further user claimed.

One user argued that she still could’ve received a tip after receiving her items and that it doesn’t really make sense for a customer to fork over a gratuity if the service hasn’t been completed to their liking: “Don’t they still have the option to tip after delivery? Why would u tip before u even get your stuff?”

“I kind of don’t understand this because what if people want to tip after their delivery,” another person said.

Why didn’t the customers leave a tip?

Nicci did have her defenders however, like this one commenter who did the math on the order, writing that she must’ve had to move a lot of product in order to get the baseball team its wares. “If you do the math, let’s say 14 a pop (on the high end price) for a smoothie. That’s about 70 smoothies to move by yourself, that’s a lot of work. They should’ve tipped,” they wrote.

Others argued that the lack of tip could’ve been a simple case of the customer following company policy. “I wasn’t allowed to tip when I had to use our company card or I could be fired and I felt awful every time,” one wrote.

Another posted, “Our highschool wasn’t allowed to tip when it got food and stuff for the band. We usually gave them a tip out of our own money because of it.”

Nicci, when replying to one of the above-referenced TikTok users, said that she didn’t even consider that this was the case.

Other DoorDash drivers have previously gone viral on TikTok upon airing out the ways they’ve gotten back at customers who refuse to tip for their meals, like this one driver who blasted the heat on one person’s salad because they didn’t leave gratuity. Someone’s hot Wendy’s order was subjected to a similar fate—the temperature was just reversed.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Smoothie King and DoorDash via email and Nicci via TikTok comment for further information.

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