worker pours bottled lemonade that passes for fresh lemonade

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‘Every restaurant does this’: Traveler orders ‘fresh lemonade’ at airport, catches workers using Simply Lemonade bottle

'There is no fresh anything at the airport.'


Phil West


Posted on Aug 7, 2023

A traveler at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport captured a worker on camera filling a lemonade dispenser with Simply Lemonade when the restaurant touted the lemonade was fresh.

The ‘gotcha’ moment was put up on TikTok by creator @caiitt_98 and it’s drawn more than 125,000 views as of Monday.

The creator is in the airport serving Austin, Texas, and is waiting at a Flyrite, a local fast-food chain specializing in chicken sandwiches. Flyrite’s website touts it serves “feel good fast food,” explaining, “We envisioned a community table with everyone from every walk of life sitting down and enjoying thoughtfully crafted food. Guilt free convenience is the name of game for us.”

But the video shows an employee cutting corners on lemonade.

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The creator narrates via on-screen caption, “So I went to the Flyrite in the Austin airport and ordered their ‘fresh lemonade’ just to see them do this right after …”

The video shows an employee opening a bottle of Simply Lemonade and pouring it into the dispenser. The short clip ends with a focus on the Flyrite menu board, which clearly promises “fresh lemonade” as its sole drink option.

“Freshly poured,” one user quipped in the comments section.

Someone else said, in the same vein, “The seal keeps it fresh!!”

Yet another person assessed that fresh lemonade at a fast-food restaurant is a myth, noting, “There is no corporate food place that makes its own lemonade.”

Someone else concurred, “There is no fresh anything at the airport. Take it as a learning experience.”

Another noticed a detail that viewers might have originally missed—a second employee is “opening it with her teeth at the very end too.”

“Send this to corporate,” one implored. “Not that chick opening with her mouth.”

“$4.39 a cup and those bottles are like $2.50 each,” said another, commenting on the markup.

Then, doing more math in response to commenters, the person added, “That’s not profit. It’s highway robbery. If they sell 16 oz cups that’s $14.26 a bottle. Almost $12 profit. That’s almost 6x the cost.”

Finally, one took this to a more broad place, “FORGET ALL THAT! We know any food sold to us is a lie. Grow your own or be [quiet].”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Flyrite via online form.

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*First Published: Aug 7, 2023, 1:05 pm CDT