Server POV: You’re training today


‘Um, so I guess you’re training me’: Server’s POV shows how much extra work she has to do with new waitress

‘This is where we go and cry.’


Melody Heald


In a POV skit, a server shows how much extra work she has to do when training a new waitress. Some servers, however, say trainees actually lighten their workload.

The video featured TikTok user Tessa Quinn (itstessaquinn), who demonstrates how a veteran employee can sometimes take advantage of the new kid on the block. Approached by trainee Bailey, Quinn delivers a look that makes it clear she is not interested in acting as a teacher. “Um, so I guess you’re training me,” Bailey says. “Says who?” Quinn responds. Over the course of the video, Quinn orders Bailey around, asks invasive questions, and calls her by the wrong name.


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By the end, it’s clear that, despite Quinn’s antics, it is actually helpful to have a second pair of hands at work. And the help translated directly into Quinn’s tip total for the day. “I made $650 today,” Quinn says. Bailey asks if, as a trainee, she will receive a percentage of the bounty. “No, y’all make hourly,” Quinn responds. “I believe it’s a crisp $7 an hour. We don’t really tip out because it’s not fair because you make hourly. But good luck to you!”

The video has garnered more than 806,000 views since Quinn posted it. The joke resonated with many servers.

“If this ain’t the truth,” one viewer wrote.

“As a certified trainer, I’ve gotten use to train everyday. but this is spot on,” a second agreed.

A third user called it “the most accurate thing i have ever seen in my life.” Another said, “I felt this in my soul. I have this same reaction to training.”

However, not everyone agreed hostility is the best policy.

“I ALWAYS give my trainee half my tips. Ppl are usually broke starting a new job and they did more than me anyway probably,” wrote Jenn.

“I be so glad to have a lil helper for the day,” agreed Chris.

“I always tipped my trainees out even when I def couldn’t afford to lol but I never made $600 in a day in my life lol,” wrote Lucy_f0rd.

Quinn isn’t the first TikTok user to raise the topic of tipping trainees. A server went viral last year after noting that tables often tip more when she’s accompanied by a trainee even though her restaurant doesn’t split tips.

Update 4:19pm CT, Aug. 21: Quinn told the Daily Dot that while the video is a skit, it’s “relatable to a lot of people in the service industry.”

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