Woman says 'if you dont have money to tip your server stay home'; Man Holding up empty wallet

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‘If you don’t have money to tip your server, stay the f*ck home’: Viewers defend server who calls out non-tipping customers

‘if your rent isn’t optional my tip isn’t either.’


Rachel Kiley


A server’s refusal to mince words when it comes to tipping has stirred up a bit of drama on TikTok.

“If you don’t have enough money to tip your server, stay the f*ck home,” Alexa (@alexa_receipts) told viewers late last month.

She isn’t the first person who has said it, and she won’t be the last. Tipping sparks strong opinions in the United States, as it’s morphed over the years from something to recognize good service at a restaurant to something that’s necessary for people across the growing gig economy for workers to survive.

“Don’t you dare try and come at me in my comments and say a f*cking tip is optional, because guess what? It’s not when you’re a f*cking server,” the TikToker continued. “That’s how we make our f*cking money. So if you don’t have the money to tip your server, stay the f*ck home.”

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The TikTok comment section is often a place where people will defend tipping, swapping stories about bad tippers and the financial instability that comes with not knowing how much money those who rely on tips are going to make in a given shift.

For the most part, comments on Alexa’s video followed this pattern.

“Yup. I always put aside money for tips. The server dictates how much they get tho, better service higher tip,” wrote @www.lolaortiz.com.

“if your rent isn’t optional my tip isn’t either,” @worldwidepapi agreed.

“Who are these people that don’t tip??” @lba150 asked. “It’s 20% of what the bill is, for tip.”

But it’s no surprise that not everybody agrees with her strong point of view. Around 30% of Americans feel that tipping culture has gotten out of hand, with it now becoming an option, if not expected, everywhere from Uber to your local coffee shop to the merchandise stands outside of a concert.

“Ill never understand this, if you ‘need’ the money so bad how do you just assume someone has money to tip, also what if the service is shitty?” @jaistanton525 replied.

“I say this [in] the kindest way possible, take this up with your employer,” @iris052021 added. “they should pay you more. it’s not on the customer to donate their money to u.”

Another viewer tried to counter by saying, “No you make your money through your salary,” to which Alexa pointed out that $6 an hour doesn’t go very far.

Nearly half of Americans believe that employers should pay workers better so that they don’t rely on tips to survive, but it’s also simply not the reality we currently live in. And until that changes, servers and others who rely on tips still depend on the customer doing the right thing.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @alexa_receipts via TikTok comment.

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