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‘I get unlimited ’90s supermarket sweep’: Samsung TV owner shows they come with thousands of free channels. It backfires

‘Its always showing Hell's Kitchen.’


Grace Rampaul


Posted on Apr 18, 2024   Updated on Apr 25, 2024, 9:42 am CDT

It’s no question that the age of streaming services has forever changed TV consumption.

During the pandemic, over 5 million U.S. cable and satellite television subscribers made the switch to streaming services. And now with more than 350 million providers, it’s projected that by 2027, 86% of TV-owning households will have a streaming subscription. 

But as everyone’s favorite television shows begin to disperse into the endless abyss of platforms, and Netflix is cracking down on their once beloved password-sharing tactics, television lovers have begun searching for a new route to access.  

And TikToker Jason (@Jason_norcross) believes he’s discovered just the hack. Posted recently, Jason used his platform to raise awareness for what he believes to be an under-utilized entertainment option. While now receiving over 31,900 likes and 933,800 views, the influencer pointed out his discovery, Samsung TV Plus

“I sometimes wonder if people with Samsung TVs understand that they get free cable,” Jason begins. “Just look for the Samsung TV Plus app on your TV.”

Holding the phone close to his face, Jason points to his TV. With the remote in hand, Jason begins to flick through the television guide, grinning from ear to ear.

“Thousands of channels, for free. Why are you paying for TV?” Jason asks. 

Jason is questioning the 40% of households who still pay for cable networks. On average the standard cable-run household pays roughly $217.42 a month on cable. This is more than they do on all other utilities ($205.50/mo) combined. 

And though the average American subscriber only pays $77 per month on streaming services. This is still infinitely higher than Jason’s proposal of $0 monthly fees. 

“Stop paying for TV, what is wrong with you?” Jason says. 

However, certain audience-members were not so pleased with Jason’s enthusiasm for the service, explaining that they don’t get the same perks because channel access is based on location. And while there are “thousands,’ of options, according to viewers only few are worth the watch. 

“Sounds like cable,” Jason clapped-back. 

But as a proud promoter of Samsung TV Plus, Jason made a follow-up video to address his viewers’ concerns. 

@jason_norcross Samsung Smart TV’s give you free access to 1000’s of channels for free #jason_norcross #samsungtv #samsungtvplus #freecable #whyareyoupayingforthis #stoppayingforcable ♬ original sound – Jason Norcross 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

“For everyone saying you don’t get local channels, here’s my local channels, right here,” Jason says. “I would highly suggest everybody actually look for themselves instead of making assumptions.” 

So what exactly is Samsung TV Plus?

According to its website, Samsung TV Plus is programmed on all new Samsung TVs and projectors. The free platform consists of over 350+ live ad-supported television channels as well as 1000s of movies and shows on demand. 

While Jason did not go into depth about how to properly access the platform, Samsung states that it’s as simple as pressing the “GUIDE” on your standard remote. The company even provides channel recommendations to users based on the current most popular channels.

Delivering endless hours of entertainment, the platform may actually be a great stepping stone for those trying to wean off cable. Or at least, it’s something to scope if you have a TV and didn’t realize it came with so many free channels; news, kids, movies, and music channel offerings are robust, and there is infotainment like Discovery and TLC, too.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jason (@Jason_norcros) via TikTok direct message and Samsung.

Update April 25, 9:42am CT: In an interview, Jason followed up on how much he uses this programming specifically: “I leave it on gameshow channels and music channels – my statement defaults to the Samsung tv app after I shut down a game system – and it’s a nice background relaxation thing to have while I clean or rest.”

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*First Published: Apr 18, 2024, 1:00 am CDT