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‘WHY was she appalled?!’: Restaurant owner says customer complained that they offered tampons in the bathroom

'Maybe she was appalled there were no Depends?'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Nov 29, 2023

A middle-aged woman called a restaurant manager to complain about what she found in the bathroom. What could she have possibly found that was so bad? Free tampons and pads.

In a viral TikTok, Kat (@katsalibi) shares the types of complaints she has to deal with as a business owner. Kat is the owner of Old Towne’s Alibi, a bar and grill located in Virginia’s historic Old Towne Petersburg. Based on its Google reviews, the spot seems to be beloved for its atmosphere, brunch, and southern food staples.

But one customer who dined there wasn’t so happy with the place, Kat says.

During brunch, a middle-aged woman told Kat she was “absolutely appalled” by what she found in the drawer of the bathroom sink.

“It took everything I had to take her complaint serious[ly],” Kat says.

She opened up the drawer to reveal that it was full of tampons and pads in various sizes and brands. Kat keeps this here for customers to take because she knows that sometimes period-related emergencies happen, and she wants to ensure her menstruating clients are well taken care of.

“To the rest of the world, to the ladies in the place with style and grace: You don’t ever have to ask us. Help yourself. Emergencies arise,” Kat says.

People who menstruate have long argued that period products should be free or at minimum, shouldn’t be taxed since they’re an item people buy out of necessity. Experts say free period products would help reduce period poverty, which is when a person can’t afford the period products they need. For young girls, this can cause them to miss school. They also say free period products would promote gender equality and reduce the stigma around menstruation.

A Free the Tampons study found that 81% of women had gotten their period unexpectedly and didn’t have the supplies they needed.

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Kat’s video has nearly 200,000 views and well over 800 comments as of Wednesday morning.

“The panic of not having what you need then the relief opening that drawer. you are an angel,” a top comment read.

“But did she say why she was appalled I’m curious because 20 years ago she had the same monthly situation,” a person asked.

“Who is she to go through the drawers anyway. I’m appalled she was snooping…,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kat for comment via email.

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*First Published: Nov 29, 2023, 7:54 am CST