Viewers divided after woman resells clothes from Goodwill bins to Plato’s Closet

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‘You are the reason Goodwill is raising their prices’: Viewers divided after woman resells clothes from Goodwill bins to Plato’s Closet

'I'm willing to pay the price to not have to go thru [Goodwill]'


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Posted on Feb 3, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:55 pm CST

In a compelling TikTok video that has rapidly garnered 320,000 views, user Jill (@journeywithjill_) unveils her innovative profit method by flipping clothes from Goodwill bins to Plato’s Closet. She enthusiastically shares, “I’m back to Plato’s Closet. It’s much emptier here.” Despite her admitted discomfort with filming in public, Jill’s video effectively captures her successful reselling venture. 

@journeywithjill_ Reselling clothes from the goodwill bins at platos closet is a low risk way to make some profit. It is quick and easy to sell at platos closet and the cost of goods at the goodwill bin is low enough to make a decent profit. I will do this to supplement my ebay reselling side hustle #ebayreseller #resellercommunity #platoscloset #sidehustle #goodwillbins ♬ yes, and? – Ariana Grande

She reveals the outcome of her trip. “On the box, it looked pretty full, but when I got my bag back, it was half full. But $91.99, that is not bad for $14 of things,” she says. This statement underscores the profitability of her strategy, turning a mere $14 investment into a nearly $92 return. Jill meticulously details her process and findings, “So, my initial thoughts of ‘This is good for Plato’s Closet’ worked, and the things that passed were like my old items that I was just, you know, giving it one more shot. But that is $77.54 of profit.”

Jill’s strategy taps into the resources of Goodwill, a renowned thrift store that provides gently used items at a fraction of the cost, and Plato’s Closet, a retail outlet that buys and sells gently used brand-name clothing. She demonstrates a lucrative way to supplement her eBay reselling side hustle by bridging these two entities

She later provide a breakdown in a follow-up video.

@journeywithjill_ Replying to @user31274382930093 items to not buy if looking to sell at platos closet. I am not too surprised with any of these platos closet rejections. Platos closet is looking for items in the past two years and sometimes buys for style. Overall they took most items so what did not sell at platos closet can go on ebay #resellercommunity #resellertiktok #platoscloset #ebayseller ♬ HISS – Megan Thee Stallion

Some people in the clip’s comments love her concept. “I’m a big shopper at Plato’s closet; I love this,” one person said. “You make money. Plato’s closet sorts out the good stuff. I buy it for a still cheap price. I’m willing to pay the price to not have to go thru [Goodwill].”

One woman explained that she had used the same game plan with Goodwill bins. “Exactly what I do 😅 I buy 15 items for $25. So I get anywhere from $90-120 on 15 items,” she wrote.

However, Jill’s approach has not been without criticism. Some TikTok viewers have raised concerns, suggesting that taking advantage of Goodwill bin offerings to assist the less fortunate may not align with the organization’s spirit of community aid. 

“So, You’re taking clothes that are affordable, sell them to a store, and in turn, they’ll sell it to someone for even more $$$,” wrote one commenter. “You are the reason goodwill is raising their prices,” said another person.

Despite the debate, Jill addresses her venture’s practical aspects. “Now, I dropped off and went to my doctor and then just came back,” she said. “It did take about an hour, so if you think time is money, and you don’t live by one of these, it might not be worth it. But if you’re around one, it’s so great to just drop off and try. There’s really nothing you can lose.”

Through her candid sharing and the detailed account of her experience, Jill’s video provides a blueprint for potential resellers and ignites a conversation about the ethical considerations of such practices. Her concluding advice, laden with optimism, invites others to explore reselling as a viable side hustle, albeit with an awareness of the broader implications on community resources like Goodwill.

The Daily Dot contacted the TikToker and Goodwill for comment.

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*First Published: Feb 3, 2024, 9:00 pm CST