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‘Praying every day it makes a return’: Cranberry Red Bull can spotted in display case above bar

'I'm very tempted to ask them if I can buy it.'


Jack Alban


Posted on May 7, 2023

It’s always a bummer whenever a company stops producing your favorite item. Usually, businesses aren’t going to get rid of a product that’s selling very well and thus, earning them a ton of money. However, due to supply chain issues that were created in a variety of industries as a result of government-imposed mandates in response to the fervor created over COVID-19, a number of specific food products were temporarily unavailable in certain markets.

This resulted in a number of disappointed customers who, upon visiting their grocery stores, noticed a dearth of their most beloved items on shelves. It’s unclear as to whether or not Cranberry Red Bull was a casualty of supply chain issues, but it does appear that the timeline seems to match up, as the offering disappeared from retailers in 2020.

A TikToker named Jacob (@jacobzufall) is one Cranberry Red Bull fan, and he was so overjoyed to see a can of the stuff at a local bar, that he says he was “tempted” to ask the bartender if he could buy it. His post sparked a litany of other Red Bull enthusiasts who professed their love for other discontinued flavors they want the Austrian-based company to bring back.

@jacobzufall It was my favorite flavor and they stopped selling it in 2020 😩 #redbull ♬ original sound – Wassup am promise

Jacob writes in a text overlay of the video as he zooms his camera progressively closer to the small Red Bull fridge located above the bar. Inside of the glass door refrigerator are different varieties of Red Bull cans, illuminated by a string of lights. Inside, a can of the company’s beloved cranberry flavor can be seen: “There’s a Cranberry Redbull in there and I’m very tempted to ask them if I can buy it,” the text reads.

Jacob adds in a caption for the video: “It was my favorite flavor and they stopped selling it in 2020 “

According to the blog Dejittr, Cranberry Red Bull was only offered for a seven year run between 2013-2020, which James McAllister Online also supported. These reports conflict with the Cold Wire’s assertion that Red Bull stopped selling the flavor in 2016, but there are several folks in late 2020 who’ve aired their grievances over the flavor no longer being offered in retail stores, so it seems that 2020 is the year it was finally taken off of shelves, and there are even online petitions people have started to bring it back onto the production line.

If you’re a Cranberry Red Bull hopeful, then you may not want to read the information published in a summer 2022 article by Talk Radio News, which claims that there’s no inkling the flavor will return.

Some TikTokers agreed with Jacob’s love for Cranberry Red Bull and also remarked that they would relish the opportunity to have it again: “praying everyday it makes a return,” one person wrote. Another said, “these were my absolute favorite,” while someone else penned, “i miss the cranberry and pomegranate redbull so much”

Other folks shared their own favorite discontinued Red Bull varieties:

“I miss the original Orange flavor”

“the plum tiwst”

“the crisp pear one>”

“Bring back Arctic Berry”

“The apricot strawberry”

According to Mashed, Red Bull’s cranberry flavor was a polarizing one—the outlet wrote: “The flavor of the Cranberry Red Bull is sweet and tart, but it isn’t overpowering. It has a hint of a cherry taste to it. But overall, it’s just hard to get past the idea of sipping on cranberry-flavored anything for fun.”

Parade also did a round-up of the best 15 flavors Red Bull has ever created, and Cranberry wasn’t on it. The outlet also mentions that the brand’s decision to pull its orange and tangerine flavors was a baffling one, considering that they were some of the most popular varieties they’ve ever produced.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Red Bull via email, and Jacob via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: May 7, 2023, 8:38 am CDT