Chipotle customer orders chicken burrito, is shocked by what she finds inside

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‘I thought everyone was lying’: Customers leave Chipotle for Qdoba after shocking find inside burrito bowl

‘Please tell me you got your money back.’


Stacy Fernandez


Chipotle is out here allegedly serving raw chicken again, and people are fed up.

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Chipotle has been coming under constant fire in recent years, with people alleging that the Mexican-style food chain is being stingy with its servings despite its prices going up.

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On top of that, a person noticed a bug in the cheese bin on their recent visit and a woman is now going viral after allegedly being served raw chicken.

“Chipotle, you are f*cking disgusting,” Veronica (@vandvvlogs) says in her viral TikTok.

Customer finds something strange in bowl

“This was my last time. Everyone is right. I thought everyone was lying. I’m sorry to everyone. They were right,” Veronica says.

In the viral video, which has nearly two million views as of Sunday, Veronica picks out the chicken from her Chipotle order and it’s clear from the pink tone and reddish juice that the diced chunks are quite raw in the middle.

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“You would think this is a prank, and I’m not pranking,” Veronica says.

If you search “Chipotle Raw Chicken” on TikTok, dozens upon dozens of videos come up. The same goes for Googling it, as you’ll find several forum discussions of people complaining about getting served raw chicken at Chipotle.

It’s common knowledge that eating something cross-contaminated with raw chicken or eating raw chicken itself can cause salmonella.

Salmonella can cause diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Most people recover from salmonella in four to seven days, sometimes needing to take antibiotics. But in the most severe cases, they need to be hospitalized.

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Now, if a person wants to sue a place that sold them undercooked chicken, there’s one catch—they need to have actually gotten sick from it. You can’t just sue because they served you raw chicken; there needs to be an actual negative consequence attached to it, like getting hospitalized or having to miss work, law site 360 Training reported.

In this case, the lawsuit could cover medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and any other related expenses.

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If you were served undercooked chicken and just want to stir up some potential trouble for the restaurant without going through a lawsuit, you can contact your local health department, and explain the situation to trigger an inspection.

It just gets worse

In a follow-up video, Veronica, along with her friend Vanessa, says that on top of the chicken being raw, the service was terrible.

She says the one thing the duo always asks for at Chipotle is extra cheese, but the worker was not having it. While Vanessa both signaled for extra cheese and asked for it out loud (even offering to pay extra for it) the worker refused to add more cheese on her meal.


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“You know what? You want extra cheese? Go to the shop right down the street. Cause this is not the place for you to be acting like a fucking b*tch,” the worker allegedly said.

“And this is not a f*cking [exaggeration] or nothing. She said b*tch. She said B * T C H,” Vanessa recounts. She added that she initially thought the worker was saying “b*tch” in an endearing way but quickly figured out she wasn’t.

After the horrible experience at Chipotle, the girls say they decided to try Qdoba, which is another fast-casual Mexican food spot.

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People in the comments section of the girls’ videos seemed upset on their behalf but not surprised.

“As someone who worked at chipotle, not a s a grilled, the amount of times i had to have the grillers put the chicken in specific back on the grill because it was raw is insane. so sorry girl,” a former worker said.

“When i tell you i ONLY get the veggie bowl,” a person shared.

“I was eating chipotle on my bed once and a bunch of rice fell out in it, and I picked it up to go throw it away, and there was a dead fly in there A DEAD FLY,” another wrote.

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The Daily Dot reached out to Vanessa and Veronica for comment via TikTok comment and direct message and to Chipotle via email.

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