Chipotle customer finds something strange in cheese bin

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‘When I pointed it out, the employee gave me an attitude’: Chipotle customer finds something strange in cheese bin

‘That’s so gross.’


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Another Chipotle customer has found a bug inside one of the brand’s numerous locations.

The TikToker in question, Abby (@_abbypurdy_), posted a video showing an insect squirming in a full container of cheese.

“Y’all make this blow up because I noticed this bug in the cheese at Chipotle and when I pointed it out the employee gave me an attitude like I put it in there or something,” the TikToker wrote in a text overlay of the video.

The clip shows a Chipotle food assembly line, with the camera focused on a bin of shredded cheese. Beside it is a tub of guacamole. As the video progresses, it becomes evident that there’s something inside of the cheese bin that’s wiggling around.

Abby zooms further into the bin—and it looks like the bug in question is an earwig. If you’re worried about these little suckers crawling on your face and digging themselves inside of your head, don’t worry, they don’t do that.

According to 4NJPest, earwigs don’t feast on the brain matter of humans and animals, or even flesh or blood but rather rotting food: “Despite the myth, earwigs don’t seek out ears. They also don’t directly attack and have no venom. They use their pincers in defense and will react if picked up or stepped on in the night. Their diet of rotting things means their presence is usually after other damage. However, if you are starting a composting project, be careful to avoid placing it too near the house.”

If the bug in question very well is an earwig then it could mean that there’s some grub in or around the area that is attracting the bugs.

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Viewers are disgusted

Numerous other folks who Abby’s video thought that the bug was an earwig too.

“IS THAT AN EARWIG,” one person asked.

Another wrote, “EARWIG NOOOOOO.”

Someone else thought that the Chipotle looked pretty messy, writing, “Why is the chipotle so dirty mine is spotless.”

Others speculated that it was this very lack of cleanliness in a specific area of the restaurant that’s ultimately attracting bugs.

“Whats actually probably attracting the bugs is Their drains,” one wrote. “When I worked there every night we were supposed to clean out the drains to prevent this.”

How to get rid of earwigs

According to this pest control company, this could very well be the case, as they write moist environments like dirty drains filled with bits of rotting food provide the perfect environment for earwigs to invade and feast: “Earwigs like to invade moist areas. You can prevent this by removing the temptation. If you notice any dripping pipes or leaky drains, repair them to avoid attracting earwigs.”

And if you’ve got these bugs in your own kitchen, before you fork over a ton of money to have a professional come in and assess the situation, then you could try this natural solution: “Earwigs can overtake drains when there’s standing water left in sinks or when drains are clogged. It’s not possible to keep drains dry, but attending to clogged sinks in a timely matter is doable. When the water isn’t draining quickly, combine two parts white vinegar with one part each salt and baking soda. Pour it down the sink and let it sit for 24 hours. The mixture will eat away at the gunk and afterward, it can be flushed with boiling water.”

Some folks say that these little pests are a seasonal annoyance.

“Bro these bugs are in my house and i find them way too much now that it’s summer,” one wrote.

This isn’t the first time bugs and Chipotle have gone viral together on social media. A number of other TikTok users have uploaded videos of insects crawling around in various locations of the Mexican fast-casual chain. The big fear is that these bugs might somehow end up in a customer’s food, like this person who had a less-than-stellar burrito eating experience.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle via email and Abby via TikTok comment.

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