(l)Destroyed red chair at an office (c) Blanket of a man with the words I eat kids at the top (r) Paper on bulletin board saying a joke

‘I would apply if this was near me’: Viewers defend profanity-decorated, un-PC office

'100% restaurant office'


Phil West


Posted on Jul 7, 2023

A worker realized that their office setting might be horrifying to a potential new co-worker. However, some people appreciated the workplace’s offbeat sense of humor.

TikToker Abby (@abbytherealginger) shared a glimpse of their office in a video that has garnered over 586,000 views in one day.

The clip sports an on-screen caption reading, “POV: a new person walks into our office,” and showcases a number of potentially off-putting sights.

These sights include a red office chair with extremely worn-out upholstery, a sign that says, “Grandma fell down again? Euthanize her,” a dollar bill that’s been doctored to change the “ONE” into “BONER,” and a door handle with a sticker on it declaring, “I eat ass.”


♬ OH MA GAWD – m🦇

The audio overlay of a voice saying “Oh my God” adds to the mood.

A number of commenters shared their enthusiasm for the eclectic set of decorations.

“I would apply if this was near me,” one said.

“Are you hiring?” a second inquired. “I’m willing to travel.”

“If this was the office I walked into for an interview I’d actually try,” another stated

“100% restaurant office,” one viewer remarked. Several commenters believe the office is in a Beans & Brews location, based in part on a sign in the video where the word “Brews” had been covered with a sticker reading “Boobs.”

“I just know everyone here knows way too much about each other,” another commenter said.

Yet another remarked, “I love this work culture aesthetic.”

One commenter had a pertinent question, though: “Is the chair ok?”

Abby responded, “No. I get really hungry and take little nibbles.”

Someone else added, “That chair has seen some things.”

The pinboard in the video also attracted some attention from viewers. One commenter shared: “This is like the pinboard in my department’s office. We haven’t been reported to HR… yet. Might need to step the humor up, see how far we can go.”

“Damn and my boss thought that me hanging a sign in the new cubicle saying ‘Guantanamo Beige’ was too far,” another said.

The Daily Dot contacted Abby via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jul 7, 2023, 9:19 pm CDT