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‘I thought I was the only one’: Woman says she always peels shower curtain back when in stranger’s bathroom

‘Whatever I see in that tub is who you are.’


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Posted on Jan 31, 2024   Updated on Jan 30, 2024, 3:48 pm CST

Sometimes how clean someone keeps their restroom can say a lot about who they are as a person. At least that’s what one TikToker believes, and many internet users seem to share the same logic.

In a recent video, TikTok creator Drika (@tablefor2podcast_) shared how it’s inevitable that she will check how clean people’s showers are if she’s a guest in their home and uses the restroom. Her video has amassed more than 265,000 views and more than 16,000 likes as of Tuesday.

“If I ever was to go to your house and use your bathroom, I’m going to pull that curtain back,” Drika said, addressing people who have tubs adorned with shower curtains. “And listen to me when I tell you I don’t care who you are, how popular you are, how much money you got. I don’t care about none of that. Whatever I see in that tub is the image of you that’s going to always be in my head.”

What your bathroom says about you has been a question that’s plagued the internet for years, particularly because people have different cleaning habits. Back in the day of random BuzzFeed quizzes, the media giant’s news arm posed a question to readers, asking: “How Grows Are Your Bathroom Habits.” Drika stressed that although people can look like they have their life together, the state of their bathroom can tell a different story.

“I do not care how good you could dress, how much perfume you got in your room,” Drika said. “Whatever I see in that tub is who you are, and that’s who you’re going to be to me.”


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The Daily Dot reached out to Drika via TikTok direct message for further comment.

According to Self Magazine a good rule of thumb is to clean your bathroom once a week.

“A lot of microbes grow slowly, especially when we’re talking about yeast and mold in the bathroom,” Dr. Kelly Reynolds, professor and director of the environment, exposure science and risk assessment center at the University of Arizona, told the magazine.

Cleaning your bathroom can help you avoid things like athlete’s foot and skin infections. An exception to the once-a-week cleaning rule is if someone is sick. They should try to clean high-contact surfaces in the bathroom daily.

Commenters on Drika’s video shared their own opinions on bathroom cleanliness.

“I’m [going to] always keep [my shower curtain] pulled all the way back just to flex,” user @that.girlshae said.

“I do this to ppl cars. I was always taught you could tell how a person is loving by the inside of their car,” user Erica Patrice (@ericapatrice87) said.

“I will avoid using others’ bathrooms at all costs,” user @crystal85bless said, to which Drika responded, “I too avoid using [people’s] bathrooms but sometimes you just gotta go!”

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*First Published: Jan 31, 2024, 1:00 am CST